Capital of India Ranked At Worst Position in the Crucial Environmental Parameters

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Delhi, India : Capital of India, Delhi was ranked at number 32 or the worst position in the crucial environmental parameters of Environmental Performance Index (EPI) that evolved by Planning Commission. In 2011, Delhi ranked at number 26 and now slipped down to number 32 in 2012.

Environmental Parameters of Judging a State:

The rankings of EPI reflect the performance of the states depending upon 16 green indicators which are divided under five main categories- water quality, air quality, waste management, measures undertaken for climate change adaptation as well as state of the forests.

Scores of the States:

Delhi’s cumulative score was 0.4246 in comparison to 0.7696 of the top ranker, Andhra Pradesh. Delhi’s rank was 32 among various states and union territories. The best performing states with their scores are as follows:

• Andhra Pradesh: 0.7696
• Sikkim: 0.7478
• Himachal Pradesh: 0.7414
• Madhya Pradesh: 0.7334
• Maharashtra: 0.7167

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