I am Rajiv Gandhi’s daughter, Priyanka snaps at Narendra Modi

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Mumbai: ‘I am Rajiv Gandhi’s daughter,’ was Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s curt reply Thursday to a media report that suggested BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi had apparently said Priyanka was like a daughter to him.

The report said Modi said this in an interview to Doordarshan which was finally edited out of the actual telecast.

Priyanka categorically said Thursday, “I am Rajiv Gandhi’s daughter.”

Earlier in the day, Finance Minister P Chidambaram had said, “I am happy Modi considers Priyanka Gandhi as his daughter; not sure if she will be happy to consider Modi as a father figure.”

‘The Times of India’ has claimed that DD edited out the portion where Modi described Priyanka ‘like his daughter’ and also broadcasted it in a low-profile manner without any pre-telecast promotion.

The daily reported a source saying, “As a measure of abundant caution it was decided to edit out the part where Modi refused to attack Priyanka Gandhi in response to a question, saying she was like his daughter and not a political rival like her mother Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. Modi even said that in Indian culture daughters were not targetted.”

Reportedly, Modi also said during the interview, recorded on April 26 morning, that he had been “blacked out” by the DD Kendra in Gujarat.

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