Delhi’s development model much better than that of Gujarat: Shiela Dikshit

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New Delhi, Sun Oct 20: Launching a broadside on BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit on Sunday claimed the development model of her government is much better than that of Gujarat and there cannot be any comparison between the two.

Addressing a meeting at Nangloi area in North West Delhi, she said that the performance of her government in various sectors including education, healthcare, infrastructure and power cannot be compared with Gujarat government and development carried out by Modi is nothing but a sort of hype.

“The development model of Gujarat and Delhi cannot be compared at all. The development model in Delhi has ensured inclusive growth while in Gujarat, a large section of the society were deprived of various benefits. Ours is a much better development model than the Gujarat one,” she claimed.

Talking about the healthcare sector, she said her government has put in place a much better system while there were reports about widespread malnutrition in Gujarat.

“We ensured all round development and welfare of all sections of society. There was no discrimination here but in Gujarat certain sections of the people were left out from the development process,” Dikshit said.

The Gujarat chief minister while addressing a rally here on September 29 had severely attacked Dikshit terming her as a “ribbon cutting chief minister”. The Congress had hit back at Modi saying ribbons are cut only when projects are completed.

In her address, Diskshit accused Opposition parties of trying to mislead the people of the city on various issues to grab power in the December 4 Assembly elections and added that they will not be successful.

“The Opposition parties are misleading the citizens on various issues including power. I am confident that people are not going to be mislead and as they know we have performed.

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