BJP a ‘confused’ party with internal conflicts: Cong

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bjpflagNew Delhi, September 12; Congress on Thursday taunted BJP terming it as a “confused” party for “not being able to handle its internal conflict” over naming Narendra Modi as its Prime Ministerial candidate and said that Gujarat Chief Minister is “not politically relevant outside” that state.

“The entire country is watching what kind of pulls and pressures are happening within the BJP. A party, which is trying to come power to rule the country, is not being able to handle its internal conflicts.

“It’s a confused party with a confused agenda and confused people. Those who are confused behave only this way,” party spokesperson Meem Afzal told reporters.

BJP president Rajnath Singh, who had a 30-minute meeting with Mr. Advani to persuade him on Mr. Modi’s candidature but failed to get an assurance, today claimed that “nobody in BJP is unhappy and nobody has put any conditions” (on declaring Mr. Modi as Prime Ministerial candidate).

The moves to formally announce Mr. Modi as the candidate that gained momentum after the go-ahead given by RSS last week, are learnt to have been opposed by a section of BJP led by Mr. Advani.

Congress general secretary in-charge for Haryana, Delhi and Punjab, Shakeel Ahmed, said that Modi has no impact outside Gujarat, when asked about the Gujarat Chief Minister’s plan to address a rally in Rewari on September 15 after having addressed similar rallies in other states like Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh.

“He (Modi) is not relevant outside Gujarat. Whenever he goes outside Gujarat, BJP loses. Karnataka assembly poll result is the latest example. Wherever Mr. Modi addressed rallies in Karnataka, BJP lost. He has no impact outside Gujarat. We do not consider Mr. Modi politically relevant ouside Gujarat,” Mr. Ahmed said.

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