Bring back Indian prisoners dying in Pakistani jails: BJP

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bjp-logoNew Delhi, August 23; Raising concerns over the plight of Indian prisoners in Pakistani jails who are dying there, BJP today made a strong plea to the government to take efforts to bring them back soon.

Raising the issue during Zero Hour in Rajya Sabha, Avinash Rai Khanna of the BJP also demanded that India should build international pressure to force Pakistan to treat Indian prisoners humanely as per international treaties signed with regard to human treatment of prisoners of other nations.

He said three Indian prisoners Chamel Singh, Sarabjeet Singh and Jaffer have died inside Pakistani jails in the recent past and many others are languishing there even after the end of their jail terms.

Reading out from a letter sent by 11 Indian prisoners lodged in Pakistani Jails, Mr. Khanna said it highlights their plight as they are being subjected to severe harassment after being treated in an inhuman manner.

“Their plight is such that they are ready to die and they only demand that the Indian government take such steps that Pakistani authorities kill them,” he said, reading out the contents of the letter which says, “We should be shot and killed so that our agony ends.”

The letter also cites the inaction and role of the Indian Embassy in Pakistan in not helping them from being subjected to inhuman treatment and harassment, he said.

Charging the Indian government with not doing enough to bring such prisoners back, he said the letter also cites 11 male and four female prisoners having rendered mentally retarded while being lodged in Pakistan prisons.

Calling upon the government to take steps to bring back Indian prisoners from Pakistan jails who have completed their jail term, Mr. Khanna also demanded the list of such prisoners.

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