South Korean student allegedly molested on Kolkata bus

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Kolkata: A 23-year-old South Korean woman was allegedly molested on a bus in Central Kolkata this morning.

The police has arrested a co-passenger.

The woman is a student in the city.

She was on a bus at 7.30 am when a man allegedly molested her. She complained to the traffic police, which detained a group of men travelling on the bus. The one she identified was then taken away by the cops.

The safety of women in India has turned into an international cause of concern since December, when a young medical student was fatally gang-raped on a moving bus in Delhi.

Last week, a British tourist jumped off the balcony of her hotel room in Agra when the owner tried to molest her. That attack came just days after a Swiss woman on a cycling tour with her husband was gang-raped allegedly by a group of villagers in Madhya Pradesh.

December’s gang-rape in Delhi led to large street protests and a commitment by the government to ensure swift justice for the student and tougher punishment for sexual offenders. Last week, Parliament cleared new laws that provide for the death penalty for extreme cases of rape, and criminalise stalking and voyeurism.

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