Second day of fast by Arvind Kejriwal against inflated bills

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March24: Indefinite fast started by AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal against inflated bills enters the second day today and urged the people not to pay “inflated “power bills. According to his party source more than 36,000 people have signed up for its Disobedience Movement.

As per the report the party claimed 36,743 Delhi citizens signed up for AAP’s Civil Disobedience Movement and promised not to pay power and water bills tariff.

People who have joined AAP’s Civil Disobedience Movement have boldly given in writing saying that they will no longer pay these bills.
AAP leader in his speech said in order to take the fear out of the hearts and minds of the people and in the intention of uniting them I have launched this indefinite fast yesterday (23rd March.’13).

This indefinite fast of mine is not aimed at demanding or asking anything from the government he said. My appeal this time is directly to the people of Delhi.

Report by : Shekar Moily

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