This Class 10 Student Received a Letter of Appreciation from the PM Narendra Modi .

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Jhanvi Behal from Ludhiana, a student of Class 10, received a letter of appreciation from Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the remarkable social work that she has been involved in since 2010. A biography of Vivekananda, which the PM sent to motivate her to work more towards nation building, accompanied the letter.

Jhanvi, who has worked to raise awareness on several issues, including female foeticide, is currently involved in activities related to Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

“I love to work for social upliftment. I consider Mother Teresa as my inspiration to serve the community. I made a documentary, Maa Mera Ki Kasoor, on girl child feticide to create awareness among the public to save the girl child, and have been actively working for the past four years on a campaign, creating awareness about drugs and its repercussions on our society,” the student of DAV Public School in Pakhowal Road said.

In 2014, she conducted a sting operation on tobacco and liquor stores that were selling cigarettes and alcohol to under age children. The operation led to an FIR being filed against some stores. She also appeared on a Doordarshan show for a drugs awareness campaign called The Youth of India Against Drugs. She sought judicial intervention over the issue of banning frequent dharnas at different places in the city, which were leading to disruption in traffic. Over the years, she wrote letters to the Chief Justice of India, Information and Broadcasting Minister, and the Prime Minister on various issues. So far, she has written five-six letters to the PM.

“We are extremely proud of our daughter for all the great things she is doing at such a young age. She has also received an award on Republic Day this year, and now the letter from the Prime Minister of India means a lot. It’s a big motivation for her, and she would continue doing such great things,” said her parents.

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