Girl flees home, raped by bus conductor in Jaipur

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BIKANER: Leaving house in a fit of rage after a confrontation with her parents landed a 16-year-old girl in deep trouble. She was raped by conductor of a bus which she boarded from her house in Bikaner on Thursday night.

When the bus conductor saw the victim scared and came to know the reason, he asked her to take shelter in the bus during the night and then allegedly raped her.

The girl was found crying near Bichhwal private bus stand on Friday morning. Some morning walkers saw her and informed the police.

A team of Bichhwal police rushed to the spot and took the girl to the police station. Initially, she was very scared, but later agreed to give her statement.

She told the police that she had left her home in a village near Bichhwal town without informing her family members following a fight with her parents over a petty issue. “She was angry with her parents and out of fury, left her home. She reached the local bus stand and boarded a bus from there. The bus was on its way to Bikaner,” an officer said.

After reaching Bikaner, all the passengers got off the bus, however, the girl remained inside the vehicle.

“By the time, the bus reached Bikaner, it was dark and the girl realized her mistake. She was scared. She was being closely observed by the bus conductor Sanwal Singh Rajpoot. The bus driver went home leaving the bus conductor and the girl alone,” said the officer.

The conductor lured the girl into staying in the bus with him. He assured to drop her home the next morning. However, after midnight, he raped the girl several times before kicking her out in the morning.

“While raping, the conductor kept threatening her to not make any noise. When the girl was found crying the next morning, some passers-by informed the police,” said the officer.

The officer added that they have seized the bus, however, the accused is on the run.

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