Gujarat model is an exaggeration: Chidambaram

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CHIDUNew Delhi, July 1:The much-touted Gujarat model of development is “flawed” and “a bit of an exaggeration,” Finance Minister P. Chidambaram said on Monday, affirming that this model would not work for the whole country.

Flaunted by Chief Minister Narendra Modi as a success story, the Gujarat model was described by Mr. Chidambaram as the one that had left large sections of the people of the state behind.

“Like every model, there are some positive elements. But by and large it’s a flawed model. It is a model that does not believe in inclusive growth. It is a model that has left large sections of the people of Gujarat behind.

“Secondly, a model that may have worked in Gujarat over a period of few years may not be the model that will work for the whole country,” he told PTI.

Refusing to get into a discussion whether Mr. Modi as BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate would be good or bad for Congress, he said his party was not fighting any individual but an idea represented by BJP which was rejected in 2004 and 2009.

He mocked at the elevation of Mr. Modi as Election Campaign Committee chief, saying he was such a divisive person that there is a “lot of rebellion” within his party, starting from the top, apparently referring to the resignation by L.K. Advani.

“We think Mr. Modi is a very divisive figure, which is why there is a lot of rebellion within his party. For the first time I have seen there is a rebellion starting at the very top,” Mr. Chidambaram said.

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