Modi talks of healing wounds of Kashmiris

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MODIPathankot, June 23;Virtually launching the party’s campaign for 2014 elections, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday talked about the need to “heal the wounds” of Kashmiris and connect its aspiring youths with the national mainstream for the development of the state.

Often described by critics as a divisive figure, Mr. Modi sought to portray himself as a leader who unifies, saying he would work for bringing parties and hearts together.

Sankalp rally

Addressing a rally in Pathankot, Mr. Modi invoked former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and said the task he left incomplete would be pursued by BJP if voted to power.

He attacked the UPA government over its Kashmir policy, economy and national security, saying it has failed on all fronts.

“Vajpayee had sought to win over the heart of Kashmir with compassion, love and dialogue…Had he been elected to power in 2004, he would have succeeded in his Kashmir policy,” he said.

Kashmiri youths were aspiring for development and progress and they needed to be connected with the national mainstream. .

“The youths in Kashmir valley want to be part of development. Guns can spill blood but will do no good to one’s life,” he told the Sankalp rally on the occasion of party founder Shyama Prasad Mookerjee’s 60th death anniversary.

Kashmir issue

He said, “Atal Bihari Vajpayee played a great role in addressing the Kashmir issue…If NDA would have formed the government in 2004, the Kashmir issue would have been resolved. Kashmiri Pandits would have got justice. Youth of J&K would have been employed and the state would have seen development.”

Invoking Mookerjee’s slogan against two heads in one system, he said a similar situation exists today, referring to Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. “There are two bosses in the country and we do not know who of the two is genuine,” he said.

On slide of Rupee

Speaking of the rapid slide in the rupees’ value against dollar, he said Congress was competing with rupees as to who could fall more.

Asking the people to vote out the Congress-led UPA government, Mr. Modi said, “Your (people’s) future is not safe in their hands…we cannot play with the future of our youth“.

He also took a dig at the advertising campaign run by the UPA government on various TV channels on flagship Bharat Nirman programme to highlight its achievements.

“The advertisement said ‘bharat ke nirman pe haq hai mera’ (I have a right to India’s development). I said ‘bharat nirman pe shaq hai mera’ (I have doubt over India’s development),” he said in a dig at UPA government.

Mr. Modi said during the past ten days this campaign, on which crores of rupees had been spent, was not running and had been stopped after he expressed doubts over its claims.

The Prime Minister must explain as to what he did after Sarabjeet Singh died in Pakistan on May 2 after he was fatally attacked by inmates in prison, Mr. Modi said.

He should explain as to why his government was treating the then Pakistani Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf to a lavish lunch in Jaipur within days of the incident and weeks after Indian soldiers were beheaded by Pakistanis near Line of Control, Mr. Modi said.

He heaped praise on former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, saying youth employment during present UPA’s rule is half of the employment provided by the erstwhile Vajpayee government.

On Uttarakhand floods

Mr. Modi said he was saddened by the plight of the people of flood-ravaged Uttarakhand and said the people of the country were behind those who had been devastated by the natural tragedy.

Mr. Modi, who had visited the flood affected areas of Uttarakhand on Saturday, reached out to the people affected by the calamity saying, “I felt the grief after listening to painful tales of survivors rescued from Uttarakhand.”

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