Indian Dating Rules For The Modern Couple

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Gone are the days when people used to follow old dating rules. If you are looking to woo your Indian girl or man in modern times, then make sure you update yourself with these rules for dating.

First, get to know what he or she likes and wants, and most importantly what are the things that are not appreciated by the other person.

These modern Indian rules for dating are one of a kind and also easy to follow. If you are a broad minded person, then applying these rules to your relationship is a piece of cake.

For instance, there are some women who resent the idea of live-in-relationships. If you, as a guy wants to force her into living with you, there are chances she might just ditch you. So, put your thoughts aside and simply follow these modern Indian rules for dating and you will soon find true love of your life.

#Rule 1- Never force your partner to do something he or she doesn’t like. Thrusting them with things you want to do will make them feel suffocated in the relationship. So go easy, understand your partner and compromise if needed to make your relationship work out for the best.

#Rule 2 – Communicate with your partner even if you are burdened with tons of work. Communication is the golden rule to keeping your love alive. This is the second modern Indian rule for dating. FYI: Communicate with your partner without the presence of family members.

#Rule 3 – A lot of people say never bring out skeletons from the closet. But, according to experts it is good to expose your past life with the man or woman you are planning to spend the rest of your life with. Never hide anything from your partner if you are planning to get married, as one day that secret will come out and you will not know how to face it.

#Rule 4 – Peers are important, no doubt. But, never let them be replaced with the love of your partner. This seems insulting to your partner and fear of losing you will thrive in their head.

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