10-Year-Old Girish Sharma: Jaipur’s Police Chief For a Day

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Jaipur:  When 10-year-old Girish Sharma arrived at the office of the Jaipur Police Commissioner in his crip new uniform on Thursday, he was welcomed with a guard of honour. He then strode into the Commisisoner’s chamber, only for the city’s police chief to hand over his seat to the boy. For the day, Girish had his wish to be a top cop fulfilled.

Jaipur Police Commissioner Srinivas Janga Rao sat next to Girish, who occupied the Commissioner’s seat. The tiny Commissioner met other senior police officers, and then zoomed off in an official car to inspect a few police stations.

It was a break from daily routine for Girish. He suffers from a chronic kidney disease which is life-threatening. His parents, who are from Sirsa in Haryana, have brought him to Jaipur, where he has been receiving treatment at the SMS Hospital for the past three months.

Girish barely makes it to school as he requires constant medical care. But on Thursday, he was Jaipur’s top cop. His wish was fulfilled by the Make a Wish Foundation, which coordinated with the Jaipur Commissionerate for the nominal, day-long change of guard.

Charmed by Girish’s presence, police officers left their offices and flocked to take pictures with the tiny top cop. Srinivas Janga Rao, the Commissioner who handed over charge to Girish, said, “It is a morale booster to know that children in society want to be part of the police.”

A beaming Girish said, “I want to be a police officer and catch bad people.” He loves to sing, and his favourite song is from the 1962 film ‘Son of India’, where a little boy marches and sings, ‘Nanha Munna Rahee Hoon’.

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