75 km trench to fence-in Sathyamangalam elephants

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A 75 km long trench would be dug around Sathyamangalam forest area by the forest department to prevent elephants and other wild animals entering nearby villages in search of food and water, the officials said.

Forest department officials told reporters that the forest is home to about 1,000 elephants, 25 tigers, thousands of spotted deer and Black buck. In addition hundreds of pachyderms and other animals migrate to the area from Mudumalai and Karnataka and proceed to Moyaru River to take water and food.

Due to scarcity of food and water the animals foray into nearby villages, they said, adding, the department would increase the area of fodder cultivation. More ponds would be dug to store water for animals. Bamboo trees and grass would be raised in all available areas.

The officials said they have already submitted a detailed report to the Government and work would begin after receiving funds.

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