Model showers in pig’s blood to stay youthful

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MTV’s existence show True Life routinely emphasizes people who live exceptional lives. In a late scene titled “I’m Obsessed With Staying Young” a 19-year-old young lady came to fore front whose endeavors to save her childhood incorporate eating a human placenta and washing in creature blood. In the narrative, the youngster discloses that she needs to bathe in pig’s blood in light of the fact that she accepts that is the thing that people did “a great many years back” to stay energetic, as indicated by the Huffington Post. The model’s thinking is more established in individual fixation than exploratory reality, and its unmistakable her have to stay youthful will never be fulfilled.

Interestingly the individuals in the scene don’t discuss eating blueberries, drinking water, or practicing to stay youthful.

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