After Outrage, Chhattisgarh Police Stop Demanding Money Given for Martyr’s Last Rites

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deoria-police_650x400_61427086042Raipur:  The family of a police officer in Chhattisgarh, who was killed in an encounter with Maoists four years ago, was allegedly hounded for Rs. 10,000 that had been given for his last rites.

The state police sent two notices to the family demanding the money back after an error by their own department.

But the latest notice, sent earlier this week, was canceled today after protests and angry reactions in the media.

Kishore Pandey, a special police officer, died in a Maoist ambush in 2011. The police gave his family Rs. 10,000 for his funeral from the police welfare fund. Officers like Kishore are paid only 5,000 as salary and his family needed the financial help.

When the family was later given compensation of Rs. 5 lakh, the department did not deduct the Rs. 10,000 given earlier because of a clerical mistake.

The family alleges that since last year, the police have been demanding the extra money back. The first notice was sent in June last year.

The opposition Congress had taken up their cause and alleged insult to the martyr and his family.

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