Co-pilot beats up captain inside cockpit of Air India plane

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Amir Aib

It seems that controversies and Air India goes hand in hand. Now the latest to add in Air India controversy kitty is what happened in Airbus A-320 at Jaipur.

The cockpit witnessed a tense scene between captain and co-pilot just before it was all set to take off for Delhi. As quoted by TOI, AI spokesman said that “there was an argument between the two and nothing more.”

The fight started when commander told his co-pilot to take down critical take off figures for the flight. The procedure include writing critical facts like number of passengers on board, take off weight and fuel uptake on a small paper card (trim sheet) that is displayed in front of the pilots for the entire duration of the flight.

The co-pilot took offence at this and reportedly beat up the captain, as reported by sources. The commander decided to go ahead with the flight and flew to Delhi.

The normal procedure would have been to report this incident in Jaipur but that would have led to the flight being cancelled and passengers being left stranded.

After landing, the captain is learnt to have made a log entry with AI movement control after which he flew to his home base, Mumbai.

“AI and DGCA should examine this latest problem in the cockpit. If the complaints about the said co-pilot’s behavior are found true, then in the interest of aviation safety the authorities must act,” said a pilot.

The AI spokesman said: “The two had an argument. They have settled the issue.”

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