How to Drape Your Saree in 3 Different Styles

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Bollywood divas have always inspired us to push the fashion envelope. Even when they get back to their traditional roots, they do it in a stylish way. Let’s take a look at three different saree styles from actresses, and learn how to achieve their look.
Classic Kanjeevaram saree

Worn with elegance and grace, this is Rekha’s signature look. Kanjeevaram sarees are made of silk and are more suited to ladies aged above 30. Here is a step by step guide to achieve Rekha’s look.

1. Start with holding one corner of the saree and wrap it around your waist, leaving the pallu material free on the other side of the saree.

2. Now tuck the top-hand border of the saree inside your petticoat in a way that the bottom border of the saree touches the floor.

3. Now, fold a few straight pleats from the tucked-in side of the saree and fold them towards the left side of the petticoat.

4. In the end, bring the other end of the saree around after making a complete turn.

5. Pin the pallu onto the left shoulder, allowing it to fall freely down your back.
Double border saree (half saree)

This saree style is more feminine and will make you look slimmer. It can work as a combination of a skirt and a saree. Here’s how you can achieve the half saree style:

1. First do the pleats and drape the saree as you normally would.

2. Now pleat the pallu and bring it over your left shoulder.

3. Take a corner of the pallu, wrap it around your waist and pin the corner under the side of the pallu that is on the front.

4. While doing step 3, keep the pallu as long as possible so that you can make a nice V-pattern in the front, and make sure that the bottom pleats come in the centre of the front V.
Lehenga style saree

If you have a lehenga but want to wear a saree, this one’s for you. You can turn your lehenga into a saree! Here is how:

1. First wear the lehenga and then drape the dupatta around your waist.

2. Start to make pleats from the front till you reach your hips.

3. Put the pallu over your right shoulder.

4. Then, start to make narrow pleats on the end of the pallu that is in front of you and pin the pallu on your right shoulder.

5. You can also pull your pallu under the left shoulder and pin it in the back.

Your lehenga saree is ready. Just take some inspiration from Sonam Kapoor and rock the look.

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