Oops Moment for Congress. Posters Ask ‘Where is Rahul Gandhi’

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It’s a case of Gone, Boy in the Indian National Congress. Vice President Rahul Gandhi, who was formally declared on a leave of absence by his party since Feb 16, remains AWOL. With the Congress having twice announced extensions for his time off, it’s virtually impossible for political opponents to eschew potshots.


So across Uttar Pradesh, including in Mr Gandhi’s constituency of Amethi, posters have sprung up that declare the 44-year-old missing. One, in Bundelkhand, promises Rs. 10,000 as a reward for any information that could help locate the missing parliamentarian.

Forced onto the defensive, the Congress which has not commented on whether Mr Gandhi is abroad, now refuses to indicate an ETA for its leader. ”He will be back in the proximate future. There is no need to keep repeating this question,” snapped spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi.

Many within the Congress wouldn’t mind knowing the answer themselves.

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