Man caught by wife talking to ex-girlfriend, claims it was just “emotional realignment”

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New Delhi. Arvind Khetan, 29-year-old married man was caught by his wife talking furtively on phone to his ex-girlfriend earlier today.

Even though Arvind was asking his old girlfriend to go out privately for a coffee, he claims that it doesn’t prove that he was being unfaithful.

“Did I ask Sheila (name of his old girlfriend) to marry me? Did I offer her expensive gifts? Did I ask her to go for a night out?” Khetan argued, “All this talk of me being unfaithful is total rubbish and motivated.”

Sources (Khetan’s wife Rohini and her WhatsApp group members) confirm that Arvind was telling Sheila that he was bored these days and won’t mind a cup of hot coffee with her.

“Coffee as hot as you” was allegedly said by Arvind on the phone call that was accidently overheard by Rohini.

“Yes, but that was innocuous flirting,” the husband clarified, “Flirting by a married person doesn’t prove that one is unfaithful. Everyone does it.”

“It is just emotional realignment,” he added, “Doesn’t prove any dishonesty or breach of trust, as people get a bit bored in marriages.”

It has now come to light that Arvind had been in touch with Sheila all along. Rohini later checked his smartphone and long romantic chats with someone labelled as “Rohit” was found.

“It clearly proves that either he is a liar or has different sexual orientation. In either case, I don’t want to continue with this marriage,” Rohini told Faking News.

“And he broke my trust!” she added angrily.

When asked about “Rohit”, Arvind Khetan argued how journalists too invented names of “sources”, and thus no one had moral rights to question Arvind over his shenanigans.

However, the husband insisted that he will not walk out of marriage even if the wife insisted on a divorce because he was the best husband she could get and he was willing to apologize if this emotional realignment hurt her a bit.

“I love her. My intentions are pure,” he said.

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