Will Question People Involved, Says Delhi Police Chief on Nirbhaya Documentary

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NEW DELHI: A day after Delhi police filed a case regarding the documentary “India’s Daughter” based on the 2012 Delhi gang-rape case, police chief BS Bassi said the people involved in the interview will be questioned.

“The necessary witnesses will also be examined and all related material – raw footage etc, will be called for. I have informed home minister about the investigation,” Mr Bassi said.

The Delhi Police chief, however, sidestepped the ongoing debate on the ban on the documentary, which includes an interview of Mukesh Singh – one of the five men involved in the rape – by British film-maker Leslee Udwin.

“My domain is the law I will not enter a philosophical discussion,” he said, referring to views expressed by some, including lawmakers, that the documentary exposed the mindset of many in the country and banning it will not help women.

On Tuesday night, the police filed a First Information Report, or FIR, and got a restraining order from a city court barring broadcast or publication of the interview.
The case was heard by a Delhi court today. “We got a regular order and have informed BBC and other print and electronic media. We are writing to everybody concerned, because there is prohibition also on uploading it on the internet,” Mr Bassi said.

In a statement to the media on Tuesday, the police said they filed the case in view of the convict’s “offensive and derogatory remarks against women” which can lead to law order problems. The FIR has been filed under the relevant sections.

In the interview, Mukesh Singh had shown an appalling lack of remorse. He had justified the crime and blamed the woman. The prospect of the broadcast of the interview had led to a huge row on Tuesday. Social media had erupted in protest and today, a heated debate was held in Parliament.

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