Budget Session: President underlines inclusive growth, ‘comprehensive strategy on economy’

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New Delhi: Addressing the Budget Session on Monday morning, President Pranab Mukherjee underscored the government’s responsibility in working for the poor, the marginalized and the vulnerable sections of society.

Mukherjee singled out on inclusive growth, education, legal reforms, interest of farmers, socio-economic growth of rural India and economy as sectors his government has concentrated on in the last nine months in power.

With clouds of storm hovering over Parliament’s Budget Session, President Mukherjee sought the “cooperation” of all MPs in the smooth conduct of legislative business but gave no indication of plans to bring changes in the controversial land acquisition ordinance.

He, however, declared that government attaches paramount importance to safeguarding the interests of farmers and families affected by land acquisition.

Delivering his address to the joint sitting of Parliament, whose budget session commenced today, he said the government would constantly endeavour for smooth conduct of legislative business and enactment of progressive laws in the Parliament.

In the address, which is mandated before the start of the first session of the year in which the President reads out government’s plans for the coming year, Mukherjee said

Parliament is the sanctum sanctorum of Democracy and the people of have reposed unflinching faith in this institution for fulfilment of their hopes and expectations.

“My Government will constantly endeavour for smooth conduct of legislative business and enactment of progressive laws in the Parliament which reflects the will and aspirations of the people.

“I urge all Members of the Parliament to discharge their solemn responsibility in a spirit of cooperation and mutual accommodation.

“By channelising the patriotic energies of every citizen, we all collectively must work towards building a strong and modern India. Ek Bharat Shresht Bharat (One India,

Best India). Jai Hind,” he said winding up his speech that was heard with rapt attention with occasional thumping of desks.

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