Spend about Rs. 2 lakhs on a Christian and Rs. 5 lakhs on a Muslim conversion, says a letter of DJS

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IndiaTv641f2e_letLucknow : In a letter issued by a RSS regional pracharak of western UP, Rajeshwar Singh, on the letterhead of   Dharma Jagaran Samiti, an RSS offshoot it was directed to the workers to spend about Rs. 2 lakhs on Christians and Rs. 5 lakhs on Muslim issues,” and that money needs to be collected from people to be able to hold such programmes.

In a letter to probable donors, it was claimed  claimed that nearly 40,000 people were converted to Hinduism during last year alone, and out of them, nearly 2,000 were Muslims.

A copy of the letter sent by Rajeshwar Singh, regional chief of Dharma Jagaran Samiti, Western UP, based in Madhav Bhavan, Jaipur House, Agra makes this claim.

The letter further said “Last year there were paravartan (homecoming) programmes in 20 districts, in which 40,000 people returned to the fold of Hinduism, and out of them, there were 2,000 Muslims. In 2014, our target is higher. We have to hold more than 50 such events and bring nearly one lakh Christians and Muslims to our fold”, writes Rajeshwar Singh.

“As you know, much money is spent on such programmes, and we have to collect money from (Hindu) samaj, and the samaj willingly donates. Now, since more people will do the homecoming at more places, more money will be needed for such programmes…..I would therefore request you to contribute to these programmes.

“We expect you to foot the bill for at least one such event and contribute towards the upkeep of one full-time workers.

“It costs Rs 2 lakhs annually to support one worker who works on Christians, and Rs 5 lakhs annually to support one worker who works on Muslims. We need such donations in the least”, writes Singh.

The Dharma Jagaram Samiti, Western UP, names Dr Manveer Singh as district convenor for Aligarh, Abhiram Goel and Ajay Jalesaria as co-convenors, Brajesh Kantak as metropolitan convenor, and Kashinath Bansal as Treasurer.

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