Television anchor left distraught after IFFI gaffe

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Mumbai: Social media was taken by storm after a recent video of a television anchor’s on-air blooper wound up on the Internet. The news anchor who was assigned to cover the inauguration of the International Film Festival of Indian in Goa last week, was ridiculed on social media and thousands of comments were made on her lack of knowledge.

While attempting to introduced dignitaries at the event, she failed to ask the right question and introduced Mridula Sinha, the governor of Goa as the governor of India. The video went viral and she faced flak from netizens.

The Telegraph reported, that the girlthe antional enws channel, which means she is not a professional journalist and is paid less than the “regular” anchors. Her November 20 assignment in Goa — to interact with guests arriving for the fest’s opening — was her second ever with the channel. The anchor’s mother was quoted saying, “Thousands of people have called her things like ‘stupid’ or ‘dumb’, or ruthlessly ridiculed her on the social media. My daughter is deeply traumatised.” She went on to add “She has not eaten since yesterday and is very disturbed. Given her state of mind, we’re worried for her safety.”

The question that arises is when trial by media is our doing then can one escape trial by social media?

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