Modi seeks majority for BJP in Jharkhand.

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CHAIBASA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday assured all-round development to Jharkhand’s tribals if they give the BJP a majority in the state assembly. “People of Chaibasa, trust this tea vendor,” he told a gathering here. “If you give fractured mandate, you know what the allies would demand. How can the government function in such a scenario?” He did not mention BJP’s three pre-poll allies.

Modi said Jharkhand has the potential to become the number one state, but has suffered due to political instability since its birth in 2000. He said the state needs a government with full majority to take it on the development path.

“I want to ensure that a tribal would get what he wants like water, house, electricity, toilets, land rights, education and medicines. I want to achieve small things for them without making big promises. I want to liberate Jharkhand from instability,” said Modi ahead of the second phase of polling on December 2.

Earlier, the BJP’s tribal faces Arjun Munda and Khaira Munda addressed the gathering in the local language, setting the tone for Modi’s 30-minute speech.

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