Bride-to-be forces fiancé to also marry her 2 friends

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She told her man that she would not marry him unless he marries her friends as well

A Saudi man who went to marry his fiancé was shocked when she told him he must also marry her two friends as a condition to accept him as a husband.

The man had thought his fiancé, a school teacher, was joking when she demanded that he should marry her two work colleagues as well.

“But he realized that she was not joking when she insisted on her demand…after mediation efforts by relatives, he agreed to marry the three school teachers,” the Saudi Arabic language daily Alyoum said in a report from the western town of Taif.

It said that after the marriage, the man rented three apartments for his wives, adding that having the same husband has not spoilt their friendship.

“The wives reached an agreement to meet at the apartment of the wife who is her turn to spend the night with her husband….they agreed to join hands to do household work, including cleaning, cooking and washing on that day.”

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