‘Big Daad’ with 93 children plans to marry again this month

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Emirati expects new baby in another two months

An Emirati man says he has 93 children from wives he had married from almost half the world countries and expects to have a new baby and marry again soon.

Mohammed Daad Murad, better known as Abu Faisal or ‘Bid Daad’, said he had first married in 1969 and started to have more wives afterwards with the aim of having more children.

A resident of Sharjah, Abu Dhabi,67, Abu Faisal told the state-run television in the emirate that all his wives had not exceeded 20 years of age when he married them.

“I have married women from almost half the countries in the world…I now have 93 children and we expect to have a new baby after two months,” he said.

“I have stopped marrying for nearly seven years but I am planning to marry again this month…the wives who refuse to get me children are forced to retire…I mean by this that I divorce them and give them a house to live in.”

Abu Faisal said his youngest son, Nahyan, is around eight months old, adding that he would like to have more children.

The man did not specify the nationalities of his wives nor did he make clear if he remembers the names of all this children.

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