40 luxury cars worth millions gather dust in Dubai Police impound yard

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4 Ferraris, including Enzo; some cars have fines of up to Dh200,000

Forty luxury cars are in the impound yard of Dubai Traffic Police at Al Qusais, according to Maj. Gen. Mohammed Saif Al Zaffin, Director-General of Dubai Traffic Police.

Maj Gen Al Zaffin said that the number of luxury vehicles impounded witnessed a decline by 12 cars. The number of luxury cars seized by Dubai Police was 52 cars and this number dropped to 40 cars as the owners of 12 cars have recovered their vehicles.

The cars were impounded for a variety of reasons. Six of the luxury vehicles are required in cases related to Interpol. Some of the cars have been ordered impounded by the courts.

He pointed out that there is a red Ferrari with a Russian license plate, but registered in the name of a well-known rental agency known by renting out luxury cars.

Maj Gen Al Zaffin added another reason for seizing the cars is the accumulation of traffic fines on some of those cars to amounts of up to Dh10.000 to Dh200,000.

He said some of the luxury cars are driven by young people who frankly do not realize the value of the cars they are driving.

Maj. Gen Al Zaffin indicated that the list of the impounded luxury cars includes 4 Ferraris and a red Enzo, whose value exceeds Dh1 million. It is related to an Interpol case.

He said one of the Ferraris is black and its price exceeds Dh700,000. Its British owner abandoned it due to the accumulation of traffic violations on him.

The list also includes Porsche models such as Magnum and Panamera, and two Corvette cars in addition to Bentley, Range Rover, Mercedes and BMW cars.

Maj Gen Al Zaffin confirmed that Dubai Traffic Police is in the final stage of completing a warehouse in Al Qusais for the impounded luxury cars, to reduce the negative effects of storage and exposure to weather and climate.

He also pointed out that Dubai Traffic Police has finished the establishment and expansion of the yard in Al Qusais to accommodate a large number of the impounded cars.

Major Khalid Al Kamali at Dubai Police said the department is applying very high measures to suitably maintain the impounded vehicles – both regular and luxury ones – until they are recovered by the owners.

He pointed out that the police face a problem with cars which have been abandoned by their owners for years. This forces us to display them in the auctions organised by the Dubai Traffic Police.

He added that according to procedures, an impounded car can be auctioned only after it has not been claimed for six months. Even after that, the auction has to be announced in Arab and English press.

Lt. Ahmed Al Ameri, Head of impound yard at Al Qusais said Dubai Traffic Police holds impounded cars until the repayment of fines or resolution of irregularities that caused them to be seized.

He pointed out that the announcement of auctions of the impounded cars sometimes becomes an incentive for the owner of the car to speed up recovery.

However, an official source at the Interpol office at Dubai Police, confirmed that luxury cars which are impounded by the Dubai Traffic Police, is based on a circular of the Interpol. Any action regarding those cars must be done through the Public Prosecution.

Lt Al Ameri confirmed that such Interpol related luxury cars generally have entered the UAE before the issuance of the memo by the Interpol.

He noted that some of these cars are stolen from the country that Interpol circular was issued from.

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