Two Emirati brothers in search of their Indian half sister

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Hope flickered when they read some local media reports recently about a 40-year-old Indian woman who landed in the UAE in search of her father.

Two Emirati brothers are searching for their half sister who was born in India 40 years ago.

Hope flickered in them when they read some local media reports recently about a 40-year-old Indian woman who landed in the UAE in search of her father. They contacted the Dubai Police immediately but their hope was short-lived.

Ibrahim Abdulla, who lives in Sharjah’s Khorfakkan area, said three years before his death, their father told them that he had a daughter in India but he had failed to find her. He was worried that he had not fulfilled his responsibility as the father.

Abdulla said their father told them that he used to visit India for work, as people used to do in the past, and had stayed there for months occasionally. He married an Indian woman during one of those visits. Months after he returned to the UAE, he learnt from people who knew him and his Indian wife that she had given birth to a baby girl and that his daughter’s name is Fatima.

He investigated the matter and found that the information was correct. He travelled to India many times but could not track down his wife and daughter. Once, he learnt that his wife had relocated to another place and searched that area but could not find the duo.

Abdulla said their father had been so worried that he would die without seeing his daughter at least once that he could not sleep for several nights. Abdulla said that his brother Ahmed who lives in London now, his sisters and he are keen to find their Indian half sister. The two brothers had visited India several times in search of her in vain.

They contacted the Dubai Police after reading reports about an Indian woman who came to the UAE after 40 years to search for her father, who had died. The reports said the woman had approached the police’s Human Rights Department with her birth certificate for help in finding her other family members.

The two brothers approached the department but the woman said that she belonged to another family living in another emirate.

Abdulla said he and his family members are eager to find their half sister and compensate her for the love and care their father could not give her during his lifetime.

He said the authorities have agreed to help them in finding her in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other organisations concerned.

Colonel Dr Mohammed Al Murr, Director of General Department of Human Rights of the Dubai Police, said, “We usually receive cases of people coming from abroad to the UAE to prove that they belong to an Emirati family or another, but not of Emiratis in search for their relatives.”

He said the department has been helping people on all humanitarian issues and would do all it can for this family too.

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