Dubai: Maid attacked sponsor with hammer over visa cancellation & other crime news

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Maid attacked sponsor with hammer over visa cancellation:

DUBAI; Two maids confessed today to stealing cash and valuables worth nearly half a million dirhams from their employer.

S A, 25 and H F, 26, both from Ethiopia, stole Dh254,000 in cash and 165 pieces of jewellery from their Emirati sponsor M D, 53.   Prosecutors told the Criminal Court the theft occurred on January 15 this year shortly after the employer, a teacher, had moved to a new house.   She left the money and jewellery in bags while she attended her grandmother’s funeral.   “When the funeral finished and I went to check on the bags, I couldn’t find them inside the wardrobe where I had hidden them,” said the employer.   Police searched the house but could not find the bags. However, they noticed that the two maids’ pillows were suspiciously heavy.   They tore open the pillows and found the money and jewellery inside.   Both maids confessed to the robbery. A verdict is expected on March 21.

 Maids hide half a million dirhams of UAE sponsor’s cash and jewellery in pillows

DUBAI; A maid attacked her sleeping employer with a hammer after learning her visa was to be cancelled, a court heard yesterday.

Y B, 28, from Indonesia, shattered Y A’s jaw before striking her body and trying to strangle her, prosecutors told the Criminal Court.   The mother of two fought back and pushed the maid into the hallway. Her husband then returned and restrained the maid, while neighbours who heard screams called the police.

Prosecutors said the maid intended to murder her employer after hearing her and her husband discuss cancelling her visa.   The mother woke early on November 19 last year to prepare her eldest child for school.

“I finished and gave the boy to his father then returned to bed,” she said.   About five minutes later she heard someone entering the  room but assumed her husband had forgotten something and had returned to pick it up.

“I was awoken by a strong blow to the left side of my head which broke my jaw,” said the mother.   She said the maid hit her with the hammer all over her body, despite her fierce resistance.   She was then pulled into a corner, where the maid tried to strangle her and stop her from screaming.   “My 18-month-old baby walked into the room and as I saw her I feared for her and resisted harder,” the mother said.   “I managed to push the maid into the corridor and pull the hammer out of her hand.”

She claimed the maid then tried to strangle her again but her husband, A M, 35, came home.   “I saw my wife bleeding from the head and face while the maid was assaulting her,” he said.

A A, a Libyan woman living next door, also saw the mother. “She was bleeding and had injuries and scratches all over her face, her jaw was hanging and she couldn’t speak or drink water,” she said.   The mother was taken to Rashid Hospital.   The maid was unable to answer questions in court concerning her age or the attempted murder charge. The court ordered that a translator be present at the next hearing on April 1.

Man, child killed in run-over accidents

A man and a two-year-old child were killed in run-over accidents in Dubai on Wednesday, a senior police official said.

Major General Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, Director-General at Department of Traffic in Dubai Police, said the first accident took place on Sheikh Zayed Road on Wednesday evening when a car ran over a man identified only as Asian national. He said this is fifth such accident when a man was run over by a vehicle on the busy Sheikh Zayed Road highway.

The second accident took place in Hor Al Anz area near Abu Hill clinic on Wednesday evening when a pick-up, driven by an Indian national, ran over a two-year-old child killing him instantly.

The driver said he couldn’t see the child because the boy suddenly tried to cross the street, giving the driver no time to press brakes.

Schools warn parents about men in tinted cars trying to lure students

Schools warn parents about men in tinted cars trying to lure students By Shuchita KapurPublished Thursday, March 14, 2013 Children need to be careful around schools as incidents have surfaced where vehicles with dark-coloured windows are doing the rounds offering schoolgirls a ‘drop off’.

In letters sent out to parents by Jumeirah Primary School and Jumeirah College, these incidents have been highlighted.

School authorities have urged parents and the children to be vigilant at all times, avoiding getting into any such vehicles.

Two such incidents occurred on the same day. “Sadly, I need to inform you of two separate incidents that occurred yesterday evening,” reads a letter sent out by the prestigious Jumeirah College.

“In the first incident, a Sixth Form student from Dubai College got off the school bus near the Grand Mosque on Jumeirah Beach Road late yesterday afternoon, Monday, 11th March.

“At approximately 4pm, she was followed and approached by a large red car with tinted windows. The driver invited the student into the car and when she declined the car sped off,” the letter stated.

“The second incident occurred opposite Park and Shop involving one of our Year 11 students at 5:30 yesterday evening, Monday 11 March. In this incident, the student was repeatedly approached by a man in a white car – I do have the registration number but it is best not to circulate at this point as police are involved but suffice to say it was a M reg vehicle and a Dubai plate.

“Thankfully both students reacted responsibly and courageously and came to no harm, though quite shaken by the ordeal. Once again, please remind your children of the need to be vigilant. We will reinforce through assemblies, tutor time and newsletters,” said Fiona Cottam, Principal and CEO of the school.

In another letter sent out by Jumeirah Primary School, authorities have requested all parents and students to be watchful.

“I have a further incident to report – a JPS mum was walking her dog last Friday evening at 5pm behind JPS (on the corner with Jumeirah International Nursery) when a large, dark coloured vehicle with tinted windows stopped. The driver wound down his window and asked if he could ‘take her somewhere’. The mum told him she did not want a lift and he sped off. Please be vigilant and chat to your children about ‘stranger danger’,” said Chris McDermott, Principal/CEO, Jumeirah Primary School.

Such incidents are not new. Last year, there was a failed attempt to abduct a school student on Al Wasl Road.

That incident happened near the Union Co-operative Society supermarket on Al Wasl Road. The child’s mother reported it to the principal of Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS).

Strangers have also approached students in schools in The Springs and Emirates Hills in the past, prompting school authorities to issue circulars to parents on the need to be vigilant.

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