Two workers lose life in fight over pair of shoes

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Two Bangladeshi workers were killed and three were seriously injured when a group of workers fought over a pair of shoes at a labour accommodation in Sharjah’s industrial area.

Police said on Saturday that they were notified about the brawl at 2am and rushed to the place where they found the two workers — identified as D.H.K, and Mohammed A.H, both 24 years old — in a pool of blood. The police said the Bangadeshi nationals were stabbed to death by a sharp tool during a group argument that started over a pair of shoes.

The police rushed two injured workers to Al Kuwaiti Hospital and transferred the bodies to forensic laboratory. Two people have been arrested by CID and are being interrogated, while others have fled the scene.

The injured workers — Mohammed S.H, 26, Abdusalam J.A, 24, and Nazim Al Haq Abu Hussain, 22 — are in the ICU as they have sustained serious stab wounds in various parts of their body. The police said all the workers, belonging to a construction company based in Dubai, were found drunk.

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