Emirates ID holders can now Skype Eida officials

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Communicate with the authority 24/7 for free

All Emirates ID holders in the UAE may now communicate with the Emirates Identity Authority (Eida) through an official account on Skype that does not break laws preventing Skype usage in the country.

According to a senior official, the software, mainly designed by Microsoft Skype Division for calling other people on their computers or phones, will help customers communicate with the authority round the clock for free, through instant messaging and a voice-over-IP service.

Amer Al Mahri, Director of Government Communications & Community, said Eida was now in communication with customers through 14 channels, and these are meant to keep applicants in direct contact, receive and respond to their queries, comments, suggestions, and complaint.

Al Mahri said “We have specified a special well-trained team to better communicate with customers locally and abroad on our official account: (EmiratesID_skype).”

The authority urges all customers to instal the #EmiratesID #MobileApp on their smartphones and tablets and share their experience. Earlier, the Emirates Identity Authority launched a new interactive initiative titled “Ask Hamad” through its account on Twitter. The initiative is aimed at boosting Emirates ID’s interaction with its customers, responding to their queries and feedback and solving their complaints.

“Our account on twitter (@EmiratesID) has become a certified source for all information on the authority activities and services, let alone being protected against hacking and viruses.”Al Mahri said the initiative was the first of its kind in the UAE where it will be launched on a weekly basis, noting that it stimulates the (Online Open Day) as an interactive mechanism to directly communicate with customers who use Twitter and follow Emirates ID’s account (@EmiratesID).

Al Mahri added that the initiative is in line with Emirates ID’s keenness to consistently communicate with its customers and interact with them through their favourite channels and thereby reach them through their smartphones and tablets in an innovative way through a cartoon character derived from the UAE heritage.

“Enhancing Emirates ID presence on social media channels comes in line with its strategic plan 2010-2013 which focuses on developing the level of services provided to customers towards achieving their satisfaction. Al Mahri pointed out that in mid-2012, Emirates ID launched a Twitter account under the name @EmiratesID_Help as an additional interactive channel with the public besides its official channels on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The Emirates Identity Authority has affirmed the legality of using its account on Skype (EmiratesID_skype). Al Mahri told Khaleej Times on Tuesday that they contacted the concerned organisations and got permission for creating our Skype account which is based on computer or smartphone communication, and needs internet access.

He said though the Skype Call service was banned by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, the chat-based, and there is no phone or mobile number to communicate with the public through their skype account.

“There is no landline or mobile phone number to communicate through this Skype account through which Skype Call is not accessible for being banned in the country.”

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