An Arab psychopath attacked his aged father with a cleaver

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Gulf- PsychopathAn Arab psychopath attacked his aged father with a cleaver with the intent to kill him in their family home in Al Khalidiya area in Abu Dhabi. The 30-year-old suffered from the illusion of being at risk, the primary reason of him attacking his unsuspecting 60-year-old dad at night.

 Initial investigations reveal that the young man suffers from chronic schizophrenia and had been under psychiatric care. But allegedly of late, he has been off medication. According to Colonel Dr Rashid Mohammed Borshid, Director, Criminal Investigations Department, the victim suffered profuse bleeding and was rushed to hospital, after the shocked family members reported the incident to police.
Investigating officials confiscated the weapon from the site, which the suspect had bought with his allowance and had hid in his room while preparing the attack. He had fled the scene by the time the police arrived, but was later arrested and taken to a psychiatric hospital to be examined, said Dr Borshid..

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