“Bale Telipale” Programe on 7th November in Dubai.

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In an effort to reproduce and showcase the sense of humour originating among the people in the region of Dakshina Kannada , Namma TV in association with Sri Shastavu Bhoothanatheshwara Temple has conceptualized standup comedy reality show format to unearth talents from Tulunadu in name of “Bale Thelipaale” .

Already one season behind, Bale Telipale has established itself as a Must watch Prime time show in Namma TV.
The viewership age group range from 10 year olds to 70 year olds equally enjoying the first ever televised reality show in coastal Karnataka.

Bale Thelipale season 1 contestants have already achieved celebrity status in the region due to the wide viewership & appreciation from viewers around the world as well as sponsors. This is the first reality show to make a serious dent to the TRP ratings of major national & regional satellite channels .

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The show has caught up viral buzz among the Tulu speaking crowd and has produced until now 126 episode with views on youtube nearly doubling from 10,000 to 32000 and ongoing . Thirst for more content is soaring and on its way for 2nd season .

In an effort to bring laughter weekend into the lives of UAE residence Technozone Entertainment Networks in association with Namma TV and Sri Shastavu Bhoothanatheshwara Temple are showcasing 3 top group produced via the show premiering fresh content .

“Bale Thelipaale” and thats exactly what Tulunad da Janakula in UAE can look forward to this 7th Nov at Sheikh Rashid Auditorium.

The top 3 teams produced via Bale Thelipaale 1st Season

Prashamsha Kaup:
1. Prasanna Shetty
2. Sandeep Shetty
2. Mervin
3. Leeladhar Shetty.

Telike Kudla:
1. Neville Veigas
2. Shashiraj d’souza
3. Melvyn d’almeida
4. Olwyn veigas

Umesh Mijar & Team
1. Umesh Mijar
2. Laxmisha
3. Rajesh

and YOU will be the reason to bring about a laughter weekend filled with uniqueness of Tulu humour .

Bale Thelipule!!! 🙂

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