Big Brother Sharjah: Emirate gets hi-tech, 360 deg cameras

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Move part of ‘Sharjah city is a safe city’ campaign

A range of the best and latest surveillance cameras have been installed across Sharjah roads.

The move is part of the Sharjah Police’s ambitious project titled ‘Sharjah city is a safe city’.

Among the types of cameras installed on various roads are fixed cameras to record traffic movement and roaming cameras, which help magnify the picture.

Rounded cameras, which can rotate 360 degrees, give the best coverage of any area.

All these cameras are connected to the Sharjah Police operations room.

The operations room is also equipped with the latest communication methods such as IP (Internet protocol connect) and the 3G LTE, which help cops deliver efficient, accurate and quick updates on the traffic scenario in the emirate.

Meanwhile, the operations room will also be renovated and equipped with the latest data centres to receive, display and store data.

The above details about the project were unveiled at a meeting chaired by Major-General Humaid Mohammed Al Hadeedi, Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police.

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