Emirati Kidnapped by two men who used dogs as bait and was sexually assaulted

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Dog-loving Emirati tricked into sexual assault

Two men allegedly kidnapped a teenager who was fond of dogs by claiming they had a dog collection and assaulted him sexually at knifepoint.

On March 17, the 16-year-old Emirati victim IA got a phone call from MA, 19, Yemeni, telling him that he has a collection of dogs that he wanted to sell.

“We agreed to meet at a petrol station on Al Wasl Road near my house.

“MA came along with AS, 25, Omani, in a Lexus car. I got into the car with them and drove towards the Omani’s house as they said the dogs were kept there. MA, who was driving the car, stopped in Al Shabiya and the two got out of the car saying: ‘To be frank, there are no dogs for sale. We want to have sex with you.’

“When I refused, MA beat me up. I tried to run away from the car but the doors were locked. The two got into the car and drove to the Omani’s house where they opened the door and dragged me into a tent in front of his house where they sodomised me one after another at knifepoint. After they finished they drove me back home,” IA testified.

The victim’s mother testified that she began to worry when her son was away home for quite some tim. “When I called him at around 12.30pm, he told me that he is going to bring some dogs from his friend’s place at Al Shabiya.

“As he was late, I called him several times but there was no response. At around 1.30pm he returned home and told me that he had been sexually assaulted. I went with him to where the incident had happened and then I called the police,” said the 42-year-old mother.

When the police arrived, the two accused were standing in front of the tent and the Lexus was also parked in front of the house. Police arrested the two and examined the scene of the crime.

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