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    wonderful programme held our community .graet team work and great results

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    Asha Mir

    I have been seeing same old men on the stage either being facilitated, or doing the honours, every year. Are there no youngsters in the group? Is any time any youngerster given any chance to prove their ability? Its a shame.

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    Devdas Salian.Hosabettu, Zirku

    welldone mogaveers. Nice pictures, and excellent functions. thanks to one and all. great work, great people, great results

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    Umesh K Salian- Uppala Dubai

    Wonderful job put together by Mogaveers UAE.. 5th Anniversary
    .. worthwatching.. Great Team work.. wants to see many more during years to come

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    Sudhakar Suratkal

    Great work by UAE Mogaveers committe in bringing out talent from young mogaveers. Enjoyed the event thoroughly. Excellent coverage and photography by kannadigaworld.com

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    kishore suvarna

    hello mr. ashok i like your photography.. the visuals are very clear and colour full… very nice snaps are came trough your camaera.. very good….

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    vinay naik

    nice photography from asoke

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