Cat burglars hit Dubai villa: In and out in 10 minutes with Dh9,000, 4 phones

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Two Sudanese allegedly burgled a villa in just ten minutes, during the time when the resident couple were in the villa’s yard, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

The couple had gone down from their bedroom to the yard at 3am as the husband wanted to smoke.

“I accompanied him down to the yard and after ten minutes we went back to our room. My husband entered the bathroom to wash for Al Fajr prayer. My mobile phone was on the bed before I left the room. When I returned I did not find it and another mobile phone that were in the room.

“I called the number of the first phone. It was ringing but I could not hear it anywhere in the house. I told my husband who asked me to call my number by using his BlackBerry which we had kept with another mobile on a table in our room. My husband’s two mobiles were also missing,” the wife HY, 39, said.

As we suspected a theft, I started checking my things… I did not find my hand bag as well as my husband’s wallet and his watch. I went down to check with my parents who live in a nearby villa.

“As I going down to the hall, I found some stuff that were in my bag scattered on the floor. I also found my husband’s wallet which was empty. I also saw my aunt’s bag and the things in it were also thrown on the floor. I told my husband who went and checked with my parents before reporting the theft to the police,” she added.

The thieves stole a total of Dh9,000 in cash and four mobile phones. The couple suspected the housemaids because of a previous incident. Police questioned and released the maids as nothing was found in their room. The maids denied stealing from their employer’s house.

In less than 10 days, police arrested HH, 29, jobless Sudanese, who admitted to the theft with the help of two others.

Police arrested OO, 30, visitor, but could not arrested a third as he had fled the country.

The two admitted burgling the villa which was one of several villa they stole from in Al Rashidiya area.

Police also arrested SM, 38, Sudanese, for possessing stolen items.

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