Police officer ‘re-sold’ abandoned cars in Dubai to clear debts

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Stricken with guilt, he confesses to superiors

A police officer allegedly asked agents dealing with cars to hand over vehicles that were either abandoned or had been impounded by banks, claiming he had to take charge of them.

The accused officer then allegedly re-sold the cars to pay off his debts.

However, the man was so stricken with guilt that he eventually went to his superiors and confessed his crime.

The 25-year-old Emirati Captain, HS, even supplied agents with forged documents of cars he managed to get information on by logging into the RTA system.

The Dubai Courts heard the specific case involving a Cadillac, which is the second such case lodged against the officer.

The officer told investigators that he is facing financial difficulties after his Russian partner fled the country leaving him with huge debts.

The officer was so heavily in debt that he claimed he does not even have a car and was dropped off at work by two Comoros nationality men, identified as SK, 25, and HI, 22.

He alleges they incited him to steal abandoned cars and also prepared plans for selling the stolen cars.

70 cars sold off

The officer has admitted to stealing about 70 abandoned and/or bank-financed cars. The accused admitted to handing over the stolen cars to his two friends who sold the cars with the help of a third person.

The officer does not remember the exact amount of money he made by selling the cars, but told investigators that it was enough to repay four credit cards of about Dh120,000 in total, in addition to Dh200,000 in other debts.


However, after committing the crime, the officer began to suffer from nightmares and sleeping disorders, which eventually drove him to reveal his crime to his seniors.

Meanwhile, a complaint about a stolen Lexus had already been made at the Jebel Ali Station and investigations linked the officer to the car.

The court will reconvene on October 7.

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