From Maldives to Bangkok… Dubai Police help bust drug gangs

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Leads provided by Dubai Police help seize at least 13 kg of cocaine from five operations across the world

The General Directorate for Drug Control of Dubai Police received many letters of thanks for its contribution in helping foil at least five cases of cocaine smuggling.

The suspects were attempting to smuggle drugs from Latin America to South Africa, Maldives, Singapore and Thailand.

A total of about 13kgs of cocaine were seized from the five cases.

In the first operation a woman coming from Cape Town was caught. She was hiding at least 5kg drugs in several bags.

In the second case, the lead given by Dubai Police helped arrest a suspect at Durban airport, who possessed 400 grams of cocaine.

In the third operation, the suspect was arrested in Maldives and 3.2 kg cocaine was seized from the suitcase.

The fourth case was busted in Bangkok airport following information provided by Dubai Police. The suspect was caught with 1.4 kg of cocaine.

Two others from South Africa were also arrested.

The fifth operation led to the arrest of the suspect at Singapore airport.

The accused along with a woman was held with 3 kg of cocaine. They had hid the drugs in metal pipes.

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