AC techie accused of molesting 9-year-old in Dubai

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Girl claims suspect misbehaved with her


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

An Indian technician allegedly molested a 9-year-old British girl at her home, while he was there to repair a faulty A/C unit.

The housemaid testified in the Dubai Criminal Court that she had gone to the kitchen to fetch the girl some drink when the incident happened.

“I went down to the kitchen to make her a drink upon her request. But when I returned, I did not find her in the room. So I called her and she replied from her parents’ room on the first floor where the technician was repairing the A/C. When she came down, I asked her what she was doing upstairs. She told me that the technician asked her to go up to check if the AC was cooling.”

The maid further testified that the girl described what happened to her in her parents’ room. “She told me that the accused hugged her and touched her inappropriately. I questioned the technician when he came down and he replied that he asked the girl to check if the A/C was cooling. And he just walked out. I followed him outside and asked him why he did not call me. To that he just smiled. But when the girl confronted him, he requested me not to inform my employers. But I did.”

The girl’s parent, CO, 39, British, a manager, rushed back home on learning of the incident from the maid and filed a case with the police.

The court will reconvene on October 3.

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