Violence in UAE homes: More than meets the eye

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Violence in UAE homes

Some wives take it on their kids and this adversely affects their personality

Wives could be responsible for violence they suffer at home and some of them make false claims against their men for personal reasons, according to a veteran female social expert at Dubai’s police.

Although some wives stand mistreatment and refrain from reporting their husbands, they take it out on their children and this adversely affects their personality, said Fatima Al Kindi, head of Social Services, Department of Human Rights.

Quoted by the Arabic language daily Emirat Alyoum, Al Kindi said she had dealt with nearly 2,000 family violence cases since she joined the department 10 years ago.

She said women subjected to violence at home could stand their husbands and refrain from reporting them to the police or, resist maltreatment and either report it to the police or leave the house, she said.

“There are cases of wives who are responsible for family violence. In one case, a woman reported her Pakistani husband to the police, saying he sometimes hit her. She was surprised by our extreme concern with her problem,” Al Kindi said.

“We then summoned her husband, who came immediately, apologised to her and assured us that he will not do it again.

“After a while, that wife returned to us shaking and holding her arm, saying her husband had hit her again. We suspected that she had scratched her arm on purpose.

“When we summoned her husband again, he proved that he was not at home at that time. We then faced his wife with his statements and she confessed that she had feigned this to push him to let her travel to her home country.”

Al Kindi said most of the cases she had handled were caused by financial problems and “abnormal” behaviour by husbands.

“Most husbands who dealt violently with their wives were found to have been through the same problem when they were children.

“We found that their mothers had been mistreated by their fathers and they believe that their wives are not better than their mothers, so they deal with them in the same way. Many of them admitted this.”

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