Dubai takes care of 3-year-old girl after claim of savage home beating

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3 year
Parents deny torturing girl, but elder sister claims family violence

A three-year-old Pakistani girl has been admitted to hospital in Dubai suffering from swollen lips, burns, head bruises and fractured chest rib, prompting police to suspect her parents were torturing her, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.

When they were asked about the injuries their daughter had, her parents told police they were caused after she fell down many times, but their claims were rebuffed by her four-year-old sister, who told police her sister had consistently been beaten by her parents at home with shoes and belts.

The statement by the sister prompted police to take the little girl from her family and keep her at a Woman and Childcare Centre in the emirate, ‘Emarat Al Youm’ daily said, quoting Brigadier Mohammed Al Murr, head of the Human Rights Department.

“We have charged her parents, who still deny they have tortured their daughter, but the girl will be kept at the centre,” he said.

An official at the centre said their suspicions about the parents increased after stitches on the girl’s lips were found to have been partly removed although her mother was staying with her at Lateefa Hospital.

Major Shaheen Al Hazmi of the Department said doctors dismissed claims by parents that their daughter’s injuries were caused by repeated falling and confirmed she had been beaten up with sharp objects.

“At hospital, her mother claimed that her daughter fell again in the toilet, causing the stitches on her lips to be cut and leading to opening of the wound.

“The mother later claimed her daughter removed the stitches but doctors denied this because the girl’s hands were hung for treatment,” he said.

He said the girl’s father also denied torturing her, saying he was treating her with honey after repeated falling at home.

“When we later met her elder sister, we found she was in good condition and had no injuries. This made us more suspicious about the parents. When we asked her about her sister’s injuries, she said the little girl had been beaten by shoes and belts by her father and mother at home,” he said.

“This girl has been savagely tortured. Besides, she has been neglected at home as she weighed only 6kg when she was admitted to hospital. A few days later, she was around 10kg due to the good care provided to her by the medical staff.”

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