Beware: Internet gang using explicit videos to lure UAE victims

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Victims blackmailed to avoid having their videos published on the web: Abu Dhabi police

The Abu Dhabi Police have exposed an international gang that uses clips and scenes from archived sexual videos and a female voice-over to lure male victims in front of webcams and record them while they participate in indecent behaviour.

The victim is filmed without their knowledge and the gang then extorts money from them in exchange for not publishing those webcam shots on the internet.

Colonel Dr Rashid Mohammed Borshid, Head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), has warned the public against falling prey to cyber fraud and extortion.

As part of an awareness drive launched by the Abu Dhabi Police to combat cybercrimes, Colonel Dr Borshid pointed out that the said gang worked on threatening some users of social networking sites by using revealing compromising recordings of the victims.

According to Colonel Dr Borshid, the Abu Dhabi Police received a number of complaints from victims targeted by this gang.

“The gang specifically targets young people, particularly males. It communicates with them via electronic applications on computers using some social media sites, including Skype.

“They use aliases for the girls who lure them through dubbed voices to film the male victims in sexually revealing positions. The gang then uses those recorded videos to blackmail and threaten the victims, in exchange for sums of money transferred to accounts outside the country,” explained Colonel Dr Borshid.

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