2-year-old falls to death from 14th floor in Sharjah

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The child was standing on some furniture near the window

Sharjah: A two-year-old Iranian girl fell to her death from the fourteenth floor of an apartment in Shajrah’s Mamzar area.

The little girl, D.M., was playing by the window, and was standing on a piece of furniture when she leaned out and lost her balance and fell out of the apartment window at one of the residential towers in the Mamzar Lake area. She was killed instantly.

The police operations room was alerted at 1.47pm by a group of people in the area claiming that a child had fallen from a window of one of the apartments at the lake towers.

Ambulances and rescue teams along with a team from the Central Investigation Department were at the scene soon after where it was confirmed that the toddler was killed immediately.

Police investigation showed that the toddler’s death was a result of the parent’s negligence as she was not being watched at the time of her fall.

They also said that despite police efforts to spread awareness about the safety measures that should be taken by parents to ensure their children’s safety, cases of negligence in Sharjah are common. Several campaigns have been carried out through the media and on social networking sites warning parents of the dangers of neglecting their children while at home.

A similar case which took place in January also involved an 18-month-old Indian boy who fell to his death after tumbling out of the window of his parent’s apartment in Sharjah. The toddler who was not being watched when he fell out of the window, suffered multiple fractures and internal bleeding.

Sharjah Police are strongly urging parents living in lower and higher floors to safe-lock their windows and balcony doors in order to avoid such cases. Children should be under constant watch and furniture should be placed away from windows so that toddlers cannot climb their way up to an open window.

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