Deportation: Tuberculosis scars reviewed on ‘case-by-case’ basis in Dubai

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Authorities say investigation has to be undertaken because more than 10% of cases of scars become active tuberculosis.

Dubai: The policy of deportation that applies to expatriates with tuberculosis scars is reviewed on a case-by-case basis, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) reiterated.

The policy implementation has once again come to the fore following the recent case of a 61-year-old Indian man who has lived in the UAE for the past 40 years.

“ Further medical investigations are conducted to determine the size and nature of the scar. A committee consisting of radiologists and doctors is formed. The decision is taken based on the individual’s case.” ”

As reported by Gulf News the resident, Akbar Ali, claimed he was facing deportation due to old tuberculosis (TB) scars on his lungs.

However, a senior spokesperson from the DHA told Gulf News that the long-term resident has been diagnosed with active tuberculosis.

As per UAE Ministerial decrees 28/2010 and 7/2008 newcomers who have been found to have active or old pulmonary TB are denied a fitness certificate, which is mandatory for a residence/employment visa.

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), tuberculosis, caused by bacteria that usually attacks the lungs, is spread through the air from one person to another. If not treated properly, it can be fatal.

Maisa Al Bustani, Director of Medical Fitness at the DHA, explained that residents with active TB are deported in line with the federal law whereas residents with old TB scars are medically evaluated and each applicant is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

“In some cases, deportation is required, while in others, we issue a fit certificate on the condition of a regular follow-up. This means the individual visits the centre after one, three, six, nine, 12 and 18 months. When we renew the individual’s medical fitness certificate, which is a periodic procedure, he has to repeat this cycle of a regular follow-up,” she said.

She said that the follow-up procedure is necessary because more than 10 per cent of cases of TB scars become active TB.
“Further medical investigations are conducted to determine the size and nature of the scar. A committee consisting of radiologists and doctors is formed. The decision is taken based on the individual’s case,” she said. Specific to the case of the long-term resident, Maisa said: “He has active TB and therefore he is facing deportation as per the federal law.”

Finer details in Ali case
The director clarified saying that during Ali’s recent medical fitness test for a new visa, his old TB scar was put forth for further investigation in line with regular procedures.

As he was a long-term resident, he was issued a fit certificate on the condition that he would undergo the stipulated follow-up procedure.

Maisa said the results of the investigation showed he had active TB. After which, he is being kept in isolation and is currently on TB medication.

“It is important to note that we do not isolate people with TB scars, we only isolate those with active TB. This procedure is done to ensure the safety of the community. The purpose of isolation is to stop TB dissemination in the community,” she said.

Maisa added that contrary to what the resident claimed, residents with active TB are not isolated along with HIV and hepatitis patients.

“This is against international practice and compromises the safety of the HIV [infected] person. Also we never isolate people with hepatitis as it is not required,” she said.

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  1. im really disappointed on this Scar Ban in UAE. Scar is a scar i find it so stupid for doctor’s association here that they know that it is just a scar and it can’t be removed and it’s not going to affect somebody unless it is active TB. Why not take away shisha and cigarettes that is so unhealthy.

  2. My wife has been returned back from UAE to my home country, she was on my visa but they did not keep and told me that she has TB which is not true, she did test in our country but we did not find any thing, authorities should look into this and please give some exception to families so that they can survive here in UAE, i really need a help on this as i cannot stay away from my wife we are newly married we had planned so many things to settle in UAE but in a blink of an eye she is sent back even she was under my sponsorship 🙁

  3. Dear Sir,
    My name is Charanjeet Singh, an Indian national.
    March 2013, I received employment in a law firm in D.I.F.C. [Dubai International Financial Centre], U.A.E, when I appeared for medical test at al Muhaisna medical centre [A part of D.H.A i.e. [Dubai Health Authority], suspected that i have old T.B scar and I was deported immediately without given, a right to appeal.
    Neither I, while working and staying in my home country or Dubai, nor my parents had any kind of T.B infection in their lifetime.
    A.I.I.M.S [All India Institute of Medical Sciences] hospital at New Delhi and done all my checkups i.e. Skin test [Mantoux] twice, Chest x-ray, Blood test, 3 times Sputum test and a Chest C.T Scan too on special advise by senior doctor to have a close look at the scar.
    Based on my test reports, A.I.I.M.S issued me the Certificate stating that I do not have any active T.B. Senior doctors [A.I.I.M.S] asked me why did they deported you when there is no sign of T.B in our body??
    December 2013 at Asia’s well known Tuberculosis Hospital in New Delhi i.e.[L R S – T.B Hospital] have checked my all reports and done my chest x-ray and culture test thrice at their hospital. All reports are negative as on date.
    15th January 2014, Latest report from All India Institute of Medical Sciences [AIIMS] hospital, New Delhi has given me fitness certificate stating NO HISTORY OF TUBERCULOSIS IN MY BODY & NO HISTORY OF TUBERCULOSIS IN MY FAMILY.
    20th January 2014 and 22nd January 2014, most recent test reports conducted from two different Pathological labs for the same test on different dates i.e. QUANTIFERON TB GOLD TEST (specially designed for detecting latent or old tuberculosis) are also Negative.
    For your information my blood reports are deliberately changed by senior doctors of D.H.A.
    If there is a single honest officer working in Dubai health authority. I would request you to contact me via email.
    I may disclose everything in detail.
    My petition is online: –
    Awaiting for your revert.

    Charanjeet Singh
    +91 9560728263

  4. Hi now in depression..i never had TB, previous companies were ok this 3 time changing job but in Muhaisinah i gave 3 sputum, they told im unfit, i did remedical which is clear but they are not accepting, now they are telling me to leave, im only one months i borrowed money from people i need work and money, but they hurt me, not good…pls whatsapp 00971506197670 me if anyone has the same issue

  5. i thought it was only me who is suffering this case. I know how all of you felt and your agony, how hard for them to accept even just an Old TB Scar..This case need a continues check ups through out in order for them to convince we are INactive..They must consider some case like this post saying a “case to case basis”..We are very well normal. This is a very rich country that medical support can apply easily and find out the result justify us like a normal human being instead of being ill..We came here to your country to help you grow, developed and to be known in the world as the fastest growing country…May Godbless us all..Don’t lose your hope and faith my fellow friends..

  6. I am working in dubai last 8 years as a mechanical engineer and got married in 2012 and mywife came as a housewife visa but unfortunate medical report was unfit due to old TV scars and she return back with life time ban as per UAE federal law, I think this is inhuman law but my experience I am sharing when my wife was in12 years old she suffered TV and took medicine 6 month course and she is fit and now she is 25 years and very healthy , Goverment should reconsider and organise world class doctor meeting and discuss and try to removed this law. I pray to God and also hope UAE Goverment will take necessary step and become first GCC country to remove this rule.

  7. I am also facing such problem… They taken sputum thrice and those are negative. But having scar in lungs. They reported no active Tb but only basis of past history they are going to deport me.. I lost my job here which I joined in December after leaving my safe and secure job in India. Don’t know what will be my future. Waiting to go back with faith on god that whatever is this might be good for me.

  8. I am working in bubai as a mechanical engineer last 8 years and got married in 2012 and took wife as a housewife visa but unfortunate my wife medical report was unfit due to old TB scar and she imposed life time ban as per Federal law, due to this reason I left this country but my wife always crying because she love too much UAE she always pray to God to removed this Federal law and she come back again beautiful country, I think this is inhuman law, Goverment should again reconsider because my experience when my wife was in 12 years that period she suffered TV and took 6 month medicine and now she is 25 years old and very healthy please please please removed this rule.

  9. Hi Naim

    I have a simular case, l was deported yesterday 25th of December 2014 because of Old TB so l just want to ask how did you know that you got a LIFE ban? Who tells you or is it written somewhere????

    • Hi Naim, i was also given a life ban with the similar case just like you. I only have scars because they tested my sputum three times and it came out negative. I lost my job and to top it up i was deported. I have a fiance who is currently living and working in dubai. I hear one can be allowed on visit visa only. I am trying to find out more. Wish us all the best and praying for the law to be amended.

      • I have heard that a person who has immigration ban cannot enter UAE even on visit and tourist visa is it correct?My wife has been returned back from UAE to my home country, she was on my visa but they did not keep and told me that she has TB which is not true, she did test in our country but we did not find any thing, authorities should look into this and please give some exception to families so that they can survive here in UAE, i really need a help on this as i cannot stay away from my wife we are newly married we had planned so many things to settle in UAE but in a blink of an eye she is sent back even she was under my sponsorship 🙁

  10. I have a a story to share which came to my knowledge in abu dhabi. There was a philipino girl who had tb with severe problem in abu dhabi. Health authority was informed about it by private hospital where from the girl was taking treatment. Health authority instructed the private hospital not to start the treatment until confirmed by them. They took 3-4 weeks to come back. Fed up with the delay by authority, private hospital started the treatment of the girl as the problem was severe the tb went into her brain and resulted in menenjitise tb. The private hospital tried but the result was that she will be never a normal again because of delay in her treatment.

    this is the brightest example of inhumanity…….

  11. I was working well in KSA but when recently translocated to Dubai for another job. I was diagnosed with a small scar in lung which DHA centre claimed to be similar of TB. Then I gave my blood and sputum for three days and reports came negative with no sign of TB even then I was declared unfit for residence visa. Consequently I had to quit my job and come back to India with permanent ban 9. It is sheer injustice and inhuman to deal person like this and I would say it is crime to treat person like this. I don’t understand how they can prevent TB in their country especially when they have enormous source in native and expat population. Many countries including EU, USA etc are encouraging people suffering from deadly disease like AIDS, Cancer etc to work but UAE is deporting people having curable disease. I request to all to put pressure on UAE and other countries to reconsider their labor norms and force them to make it people friendly with great humanity.


  12. my visa was cancelled and they deported me back due to old tb scar in my xray .as per the case i was had a tb long back in 2009 and i have taken the 6 month of course and finally i got the nagative reports for the hospital . Before deporting me the doc told that your reports says negative but in ur xray shows some marks on ur lungs .as they told me i asked them is there any problem for me to stay she said from our side there is no problem but we cant assure u that wat will Dubai authority will take step regarding this and finally the banned me for permanent.after come back to India i gone through the checkups in that also it showing negative reports and my doctor told me the marks on ur lungs it wont go will stay for long n there is nothing to worry it don’t mean u have TB active in u or any harm will come to u .the reason why i m asking u is how should i lift my ban to visit back .please help me with that

    thanks n regards

    • Dear Khan health wise absolutely you don’t have any problem and the mark in your lungs won’t go. The policy in Dubai is such that they will not allow any person to work on permanent residence visa if he or she had a TB.
      We know that your had a problem before not now, but UAE law is not allowing anyone to work here, you may come on Visit visa. We seen many cases like this, but what to do Authority don’t understand.
      Anyway wish you all the best.

  13. Hi! I am leaving a comment to send a message that could totally help you with the issue you are facing right now.
    I am a registered now back in my home town. And my inspiring story goes like this….When I had my license back in 2000, I took a charity work volunteering my self as a private nurse to a helpless TB patient. That was the time I got the disease.

    I sought out medical assistance and was given proper treatment. After a year, even though I was not sure that I am going to have a medical clearance considering my medical history I applied a job abroad (UAE). God was so good that he has given me the opportunity to work despite knowing that I had something that could totally prevent me from my dreams. Yes, I worked for three consecutive years. I kept my self healthy until I returned back to my country.

    I got pregnant. During my pregnancy, I suffered hard cough in the evening. It continued until I delivered my baby. It bothered me so much that I went straight to have my x-ray done to know. I was fearful because at that time I was thinking of going back to UAE. I had the result, there was a scar. I was devastated. I had a repeat test, 3 more times. It has given me the same result. The physician said, it was an old scar. And the coughing is just an allergy.

    I was not satisfied. I started seeking God. I ask Him to give me and lead me to that solution so that I could resolve the issue. Indeed, God is generous. He lead me to the testimonies of people with the same line of story. From there I saw a testimony saying that he tried jogging for 2 years and so. He said it was incredible because when he did his x-ray again it was all clear and he was able to work peacefully in Middle East.

    I know it is something that is impossible to believe but I found my self starting to do it. The routine I made was so amazing that it gave me the chance to be where I am now.

    I just simply PRAY deeply for God’s healing + jogging everyday + drink ginger with lemon and honey + PRAY genuinely from the heart with thanks giving.

    I am sharing because God’s healing power is amazing and I want to let the world know how Powerful Prayer is.

    Keep on holding God’s hand and you will have what you ask.

    Thank you and I wish you hope guys.


    • You know Angel were the same issue. God is good all time. God’s lead me the way, why i’am working now here in Middle East. Just believe to His power and everything will fall into places.

      To All Readers,

      Believe in God’s Healing power and always be thankful what you have right now. Share all wisdom and make inspiration to others.

      To GOD be the Glory!


    • Thank you ZC ANgel for your testimony. I will be going back to Dubai in Feb2015, only by the grace of God.

      I too was sent home for a small old Tb sacr last 2012.

      Now a very good company wants me to join them and are asking me to go…pray and just go.

      And am seeking the Lord if He will go with me. Honestly, I am scared. But if God is for me, who can be against me. I am a single mom and a bible believing christian.
      I am truly encouraged by your testimonies.
      May God be with us all.

    • i love your story Angel..At first it is impossible to believe with your friend case but if you truly believe in God, there is no impossible way in Him..Like the Leprosy patient in the Bible who called Jesus and ask for the Miracle..Jesus, came and touch the patient while others isolated him away from the normal person..The Leprosy Patient gave his complete trust to Jesus and he was healed and proclaim to the world His Miracle..
      I believe i will try also doing jogging as a habit to claim the Miracle of God.

  14. Hi everyone
    My story is the same as most of you.I came to Dubai a healthy happy lady excited about life and its possibilities.My crime..
    having worked in al murooj for 2 years I developed a series of chests complications.I was diagnosed with TB which was a shock I couldnt comprehend.I contracted the disease there.I did some research and the most possible way to get the disease is by simply riding in a cab.Cab drivers are unfortunately very susceptible.
    I was hospitalised in rashidiya and muhasna hospitals for 3mths.It was a painful experience that can draw you to insanity.They make you feel like a prisoner with no human rights.You are kept in darkness about ur future while they make all plans to deport and ban you.You never get to know until you leave the dreadful hospital.
    It’s a crime its injustice for UAE a country pride itself to follow the good book doctrines.People who get TB are not murderers.Its an airborne disease that they couldnt prevent or avoid.
    A scar doesn’t mean the person has the disease.If in doubt test them.
    They are still too many nations across the world including the major Gulf States are still fighting this ancient disease with primitive policies and practices. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) consists of Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia – a geographic zone assumedly the largest receiver of temporary migrant workers in the world.
    We are prideing ourselves of living in a more informed world lets all get in the program.Shun this hateful,discrimination practice UAE you will earn possible admirers.

    Bless you all readers you are in my heart,prayers and thoughts keep me in yours.

  15. They dont hve a second chance for us ? To xray again ?
    My boss tell me that i will never come back in uae anymore because of this a little scar tb in my xray i was so shock and crying i know its not degerouse because i know they will just ban for. 6months but not forevr if ts dangerous i already in a jail stupid boss !!!!
    And most of all i dont hve tb since birth huhuhuhuhu it was my first time to came here i thought its normal but then not and now diz 29 of june 2014 i will deport to go back in the philippines

  16. HI,
    My name is waqas pervaiz i am here in Dubai in 2006 i find a Tb scar in my chest X-ray they put 1 year ban on me i went back to my country i get treatment and doctor declare me fit afterthat i went to United kingdom they also issue me fitneess certificate i live there almost 3 years , now i come back here in UAE and get job after so many struggle when i went to Karama Medical center they called me for re medical as they find an old TB scar now they asked me to come tomorrow(Sunday 14-06-2014) at sonapur for re check up i am very upset and finding humilating if they deport me again my question is why they put 1 year ban on me as everyone knows old tb scar can’t be vanished . My advice to everyone who have TB in there life at any stage don’t come to UAE as there law is very very discriminating and Unlawful , unfair for all who have the victim of this disease as in whole world they further go for sputum or Mantoux test but hjere in UAE there is no such law.
    shit Law of UAE

    • all that i read in internet. once a person deported to his/her country they will never enter again in uae because they said its a lifetime ban. but fortunately i guess its not true because you are able to come back in dubai. i just want to ask in my passport there is no stamp of any ban only exit stamp. but in my visa cancellation its written there ban: 9 permanent. Can you or anyone tell me what is the meaning of number 9? is it 9 months ban? 9 years? or life time ban? can i come in uae again?

  17. When the locals get affected, what will this rule do instead hiding.
    Also when 80 % of locals get affected and its difficult to hide them, then this stupid rule may get revised.

  18. My worst Experience in Dubai.United Arab Emirates
    It’s been 2 years now, i visited Dubai as tourist visa for 40 Days.
    I was very excited about visiting dubai and seeing myself working in United Arab Emirates.
    I got deported on the base of chest scar. I had tuberculosis in the past but at present i am fit and healthy. I did read articles in which its said that any one had tuberculosis in the past has only 10 percent chance of developing it again in their life which is equal to a normal person developing tuberculosis in future.
    That time I was too scared, I was having no idea what will come next to me. Later Dr. Mubarak at Dubai Health Authority told me to go with him, we went to one big room with few people in Blue Gown wore Mask, was staring at me, they told me to sit, they put some band on my hand, I asked them “what is going on, please tell me “? Then they told me the thing which was not at all acceptable for me.
    They Told me that I m having TB Scar in my X-Ray, but I was absolutely Fine, I told them “I was having T.B when I was a Kid, but I have completed all The Medication and I am fine now, than how could you say that I am having T.B??” they told me “Here in Dubai, we don’t allowed T.B patient to stay and to work, it is rules of Dubai?” I asked “But it is in my Medical History, In present I am absolutely fine, u can see me, even I have put on some weight”..
    They just refused to listen even once and told me to stay in Medical centre and admitted me in Muhaisnah Medical Centre.I was depressed and very sad, didn’t know what to do, whom should I call, where to scream? Everything was Black in front of my eye.They didn’t allowed me to go home or office to informed them at least that ‘I will be admitting in Medical Centre just because of the scar…’
    Everything was become so silent. my dream was finished to live luxurious life in Dubai, I was total stunned .I didn’t know what to react. I wore that blue gown and mask on my face n went to one room having two beds in opposite direction and two tables near each bed… curtains in window and next to beds….
    I spend 35 days in medical centre, in every morning they used to gave me 8 tablets for no reason before breakfast which I had to take in front of Nurse. The smell in the big room was so stinky,it was not tolerable for me still for obey their instructions I used to go every morning and used to ate 8 tablets with water in front of them.
    24 hours I used to wore masked, My sister visited me twice than she stopped visiting to me, what every settlement was there with my company they settled they deposited all my compensation in my sister’s Bank Account which she didn’t returned to me….
    Morning I used to ate 8 tablets without Breakfast and after breakfast I used to take bath and in breakfast every day they gave me one egg, 2 bread, milk, Juice and butter and in afternoon and Evening they used to gave mutton and sometimes fish with rice, which I don’t eat, so in afternoon and evening I used to ate Rice and Daal sometimes Rice n cured…..
    I actually felt like I was in jail, every week they used to check all patients with weight and Sputum, but they didn’t gave me copy of my report, whenever I used to asked the nurse about revisit to Dubai she used to say “yes you can come once you finished with six months medicine “ but actual fact was different. Few days later me and the other patients went to airport for eye checking, that time the person told us to not wear mask, if we do so, people will scared of us. I was feeling so sad for me n other patients who were sitting with me in same van. The light of the sun was hurting my eyes because after so many days I was watching brightness and this time it was looking so ugly. We did eye scanning and back to Centre.
    On May 01st 2012, the medical Director visited to Centre because it was A International Labour Day, they came and gave us Green T-shirt and had photo with me and went off, she didn’t even asked how we were? On same day I got the news that they realising me, I was feeling so relax and my company sent one lawyer and he was telling me that he had booked my tickets and all, I can go home after 5 days, this 5 days I can go and enjoy in Dubai, but there was no one whom I knew in Dubai, I decided to stay in centre only and I requested the lawyer to droop me at airport,
    Finally I released from that place which I used to called it Jail… I felt very sad and very guilty and disappointed, but one hope was still in my heart that I can come back, my heart was not allowing to come back but my brain told me that whatever you lose at least, can recover once I will come after 6 months. I Spend a lot to visit Dubai I was having Rs.20000/- in my pocket when I entered in Dubai, but I returned with having only AED100/- in my pocket which I had saved from many days…
    I returned to home, with tearful eyes and lots of pain in my heart, I consult doctors in Mumbai-India, in Safi Hospital, doctor told me I am fine and no need to take medicine, I told him that doctors of medical centre recommended to take medicine for 6 months, I show him admit card which muhaisanah Medical Centre gave me when I got Discharge. Doctor wrote some medicine for 6 months.
    After six months when I tried again, they refused my visa, and didn’t even told me the exact reason behind it…..
    We should stop this kind of discrimination; I faced a lot during Dubai and after coming from Dubai…. I am survivor and I am fighting for it, for Dubai I am dead , but for India I am going to give birth to a child who is going to be future of India in few months later.
    Sent email to Dubai Health Authority twice on their contacts which i found. Mentioning the email addresses for your information, but they did not respond.
    Anyone facing deportation may contact them perhaps their appeal may reach to the right person and they can re-enter United Arab Emirates. Hope is everything in life.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Hello sir my name is sandeep and i am from india.I also deported due to old TB scars in my chest.I spend 2 month in dubai 1 dec 2014 to 29 jan 2015. I have i question can dubai ambasy ban me only 3 months entry.can i visit dubai on visitor visa..

  19. It was really hard for me too, to accept the decision of Health Authority. I am on my one month working in Dubai and now I am waiting for my ticket going back home.
    I was really saddened to the decision they had given that I am UNFIT to work.
    When I was in my last check up the nurse told me that they had saw a scar and my sputom test is negative the nurse give me a hope that I will not be deported since it was negative.
    I also talked to the doctor as much as she says that I am fit and she doesn’t see any wrong towards my health since the result is negative.

    But I was totally shattered and shocked to the stamp that I am UNFIT to work.
    Those authority who make me unfit though it was not. Are very inhuman and has no heart for all of us who suffered from this old disease.
    Their law is very inhuman and no consideration considering that this is a Muslim country.
    Some says that the report is systematic and it will automatically appear in their system if we are pla ning to get back in Dubai.
    Some also says that we can get back here in UAE if a medical certificate is shown upon entry. But its a risk to take for UAE doesn’t believe in others medical certificate but only to thiers. And they wont believe Either on the medical certificate of private hospitals here in UAE becauae they have their own wrong stand of believe and they don’t have enough knowledge of the disease that is curable or not.
    TB is curable but they don’t undertand the word curable or already cured.
    TB scar is lifetime and we who previously suffered from it will never lose hope.
    I will just pray that their law will be reviewed because thousands of people are experiencing this thing.

  20. Hi,
    I was working in Abu Dhabi for 11 years and was supposed to renew my contract last August 2013. Because of this tb scar ban being implemented in the UAE I was forced to not renew my visa as I was afraid that I might get banned for life in the UAE. You see, I was treated of TB for 6 months in 1991 and that time I was 21 years old. In that 11 years that I was working in the UAE I did not feel scared every time I went for medical for the renewal of my visa as I was sure that the result would show that I was fit for work. But because of this Old TB scar policy, I got scared and rather being banned for life, I opted not to go for visa renewal instead last year. I did not want to try my luck because I knew UAE law is strict.

    My QUESTION is, IF IS THIS RULING STILL ON? Because I am planning to go back to UAE. I can provide medical certificate again saying that I am fit for work because the first thing that I did upon returning to my country, the Philippines, was to go to my doctor and was cleared of any illness or diseases but the scar is still there. My doctor said that it is a very small scar.

    Please help me as I really wanted to go back to the UAE.

    Thank you.

    • If you are going to take the risk, you can. But for me. I won’t Because they won’t believein others medical certificate but only to theirs.
      But if you really want too. God be with you.

  21. Can any one tell me whats the meaning of ban 9 permanent bse its what was put on my visa cancellation. Is it ban permanent for 9 months only or its a life time ban?

  22. I am also a victim of this inhuman law.Am 27 years old but had TB whn i was 9yrs back got treated for 11months and and now fine and health but a scar remained as its well know that once you get this disease a scar will never go away. I got a job in Dubai in Oct 2013 and went for a medical but in my x-ray it showed an old scar and i was declared unfit and as I talk now am back in my country. visted good specialists about this issue and i was told am ok. The doctor told me that if they think that TB might relapse again its not true and if someone has ever had TB stands the same chances to acquire the disease like that one who has never had TB.This unfair law shld be changed

  23. Madam Maisa I think you are a big liar as it is not true that you don’t put in isoloation to the people who only have scars. you guys treat everyone in same way. the problem is tht you guys just came to know that what is world and how things going and u guys just trying to walk with the modern communities like Europe and America but basically you guys have lake of knowledge and lake of education just you guys earned some money from oil thts it. And you guys are considering yourself something very big but basically you don’t know how things are. Just making decisions of other people without any knowledge as you guys are not very well educated.

  24. I’m also the victim of this brutal law prevailing in UAE, I resign from my Job in Pakistan and started a new career in Dubai while giving my medical test they unfit me and sent me back to Pakistan with Permanent Ban to UAE. its Total Unfair. The Doctors in My said that TB Scar remain forever it can’t be treated by any means.

    If anyone other victim of this, please join hands against this law enforced in UAE

  25. Hi,
    I was deported from dubai with my retina scan, I was having tb scar which was inactive.I am presently fine and want to know that if I am deported for life time and will dubai government reconsider me after this inhuman law vanish in dubai.

  26. My visa was cancelled due to old TB scar in my chest and came back home after giving 3rd medical test at Muhaisnah. They didn’t deport me and told to come back after treatment. I never had TB and the doctors in my country declared me fit. Now I am coming again with no TB and no infection but I’ve heard that the scars remains throughout the life if they are present in lungs and can’t be removed even by surgery. So please tell me that what can I do if I don’t have TB but only scars because they don’t give visa to newcomers if have no TB but only scars that are minor and not visible in Xray if done in my country but Dubai has sensitive machines and they detect everything. I am too much disgusted..Is there anything to do under the table? OR I can get my visa through proper way. Please do let me know and reply me at

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