19 die in accidents during Eid holidays.

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Dubai : According to statistics issued by the Traffic Coordination Department at the Ministry of Interior, a total of 19 people died and 83 injured occurred across the country in traffic accidents during Al Fitr holidays.

Statistics showed that the total number of traffic accidents between the 7th and 10th of August amounted to 32 accidents; including 16 collisions, nine run- over accidents and seven crashes, resulting in 19 deaths and 83 injuries, including 12 major injuries, 23 medium and 29 minor injuries during Eid Al Fitr holidays this year.

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Statistics also revealed that excessive speed was the key reason behind the holidays’ traffic accidents that led to seven deaths. Reckless driving ranked second leading to three deaths, followed by motorists’ lack of attention that caused three deaths; taking a road without making sure it is clear, leading to two deaths and four miscellaneous deaths.

Reckless driving, for its part, caused 15 injuries, while red light crossing caused 13 minor, medium and serious injuries.

Brigadier Ghaith Hassan Al Zaabi, Director General of the Traffic Coordination Department at the Ministry of Interior emphasized that failure to abide by traffic rules and laws led to traffic accidents which marred the holidays’ joy.  He noted that the various Traffic and Patrols departments are exerting significant efforts to prevent such accidents by increasing traffic awareness programs; educating individuals’ on traffic accidents’ dangers, and means of prevention; as well as increasing control on roads.

He called on drivers to observe traffic rules and laws, and legal speed limits on roads to avoid dangers of traffic accidents and their resulting injuries and losses that could mar the joys of the holidays.

He stressed the need to comply with traffic instructions, and to drive carefully; urging motorists to leave sufficient distance between vehicles; avoid random parking in public places to prevent causing traffic jams, avoid parking in designated handicapped parking spaces; and avoid parking in parking spaces designated for the Civil Defense and Ambulance vehicles so as not to impede their work in emergency cases. He also warned against using mobile phones while driving to talk, text or chat.

He added that using mobile phones while driving is a traffic violation punishable by the law, for the risks it represents on motorists, pedestrians and other road users’ life. “Using mobile phones while driving distracts motorists and decreases their concentration and reaction time, resulting in traffic accidents.

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