Blood Donation Camp by NMC Healthecare – On occasion of Dr. B R Shetty’s Birthday

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NMC Blood camp-aug 8-2013-014

NMC Trading, Al Ain an arm of NMC Healthcare organized its 2nd successive blood donation camp to commemorate the birthday of Dr B R Shetty, CEO-NMC Healthcare on 1st of August 2013.

On this auspicious occasion, more than 100 enthusiastic employees of Al Ain NMC Trading,NMC Specialty Hospital and Food world volunteered to donate blood.

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NMC Blood camp-aug 8-2013-002

NMC Blood camp-aug 8-2013-003

The blood donation camp was inaugurated by Dr Krishnan Unni, Executive Vice President, NMC Trading .he said NMC healthcare has always been on the forefront in taking noble initiatives like the blood donation camps under the guidance and support of Dr B R Shetty . He further added that Blood donation is one of the best gift a human can offer to the needy. It is driven by this mantra that the NMCians in Al Ain came up with a wonderful initiative to celebrate the birthday of our beloved CEO Dr. B, R. Shetty. We firmly believe that, our collective wishes, prayers and community services would translate into abundant health, prosperity, and peace to our visionary leader Dr B R Shetty who always guide us through.

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NMC Blood camp-aug 8-2013-005

NMC Blood camp-aug 8-2013-006

Nithyananda K Shetty, Regional Logistics Manager, Abu Dhabi Region pledged to continue the noble deed of blood donation in the future years also to celebrate the birthday of Dr B R Shetty in respect of his services rendered to the society.

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NMC Blood camp-aug 8-2013-009

Mr. Nithyananda expressed his thankfulness and gratitude to all the volunteers and donors for making this event a grand success.
The event was also presided over by Dr. Iajaz Ahmed, Medical director, Dr. Borappa, Manager-Medical Affairs and Dr. Bob Anand –Medical Administrator & Mr.Sanjith Rai of NMC Specialty Hospital- Al Ain.

NMC Blood camp-aug 8-2013-010

NMC Blood camp-aug 8-2013-011

NMC Blood camp-aug 8-2013-012

The regional blood Bank were overwhelmed with the response and participation by the employees and urged to continue the gracious deed every year. The Director of the RBB extended his special thanks, Blessings and wishes to Dr. B R Shetty on his birthday.

NMC Blood camp-aug 8-2013-013

NMC Blood camp-aug 8-2013-014

NMC Blood camp-aug 8-2013-015

NMC Healthcare has been always in the forefront in organizing community based activities with a view to create awareness amongst the community and to educate each and every individual the importance of blood donation.  The employees of NMC Trading have once again proved their care and concern towards the community.

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NMC Blood camp-aug 8-2013-017

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NMC Blood camp-aug 8-2013-019

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