More than 5,000 cars impounded by Ajman Traffic Police

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Impounded because of dangerous violations

Traffic and Patrols in the General Command of Ajman Police, booked a 5,052 vehicle, that were involved in dangerous traffic offences in 2015.

These violations ranged from jumping the red light, to causing serious accidents, exceeding the speed limit, driving under the influence of alcohol, non-renewal of vehicle license etc.

Colonel Ali Hamid Almuseiba, Director of the Department of Traffic and Patrols, said the seizures resulted in the booking of:

* 714 vehicles which jumped red light signals

* 507 cars were seized for committing traffic accidents

* 373 vehicles for being driven without insurance

* 272 vehicles where drivers had no licence

* 266 vehicles for being driven under the influence of alcohol and drugs

* 206 vehicles because of highly coloured glass

* 164 vehicles because of excess noise

* 155 vehicles because of excessive speed

* 76 vehicles due to reckless driving

* 70 vehicles due to driving that posed danger to the public

* 51 vehicles due to non-renewal of the license

* 78 vehicles because of other violations

Almuseiba explained that the department carried out checks on vehicles in different locations resulting in the seizure and booking of 129 vehicles. Another 1,991 vehicles were booked for irregularities and other reasons.

Some 4,636 cars were booked in 2014 – the 2015 figure was higher by 9 per cent, which indicates that the Traffic and Patrols Department is successful in applying the many traffic programs, which contribute to traffic policing to reduce traffic accidents – such as intensification of awareness campaigns for drivers, monitoring and regulating traffic, alleviating traffic congestion, as well as to strengthen the provision of road signs and ensure traffic safety for users of the road.

He called on motorists to adhere to traffic laws, not to commit dangerous offenses, which entail sanctions, impounding of vehicles or drivers or fines.

Almuseiba pointed out that in some cases a vehicle can be impounded for two months, as in the case of heavy vehicle which bypass wrongly, or a month for jumping red light or for higher tint than allowed.

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