4th Annual Diabetes & Endocrinology Conference to be Held in Sharjah on 29th & 30th April

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Leading international experts on diabetes to converge in Sharjah to discuss contemporary issues related to the prevalence of diabetes

The 4th Annual Diabetes & Endocrinology Conference of the Northern Emirates, jointly organized by the Department of Internal medicine of Thumbay Hospital – Ajman and Gulf Medical University will be held from 8:30 am to 4:15 pm on the 29th and 30th of April 2016, at Sheraton Hotel, Sharjah. Accredited by the Ministry of Health for 14 CME hours, the conference will be a platform for the representatives of leading international bodies on diabetes as well as experts from top universities and hospitals in the region, to discuss contemporary trends on diabetes.

The theme of the conference this year will be ‘Reproductive Health and Sexual Disorders Linked to Diabetes & Endocrinology’, and there will be special focus on the current evolving researches in improving sexual and reproductive health. The conference will have expert talks on various diabetes-related topics such as Reproductive Health, Reproductive Endocrinology, Safe Motherhood, Gestational Diabetes, Contraceptives, Adolescent Reproductive Health, Genetic and Genomic Sciences, Sexual Medicine & Traditional Practices in Sexual Medicine.

The conference will also cover all other hot topics in Diabetes & Endocrinology including new diabetes medications, update guidelines on cardio metabolic risk managements, vitamin D new researches and obesity management including obesity, thyroid, depression & anxiety, sexual disorders, adolescent/pediatric issues and treatments.

The talks will be delivered by experts like Dr. Faruq Badiuddin (General Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon – Mediclinic Dubai Mall, Dubai), Dr. Safdar Naqvi (Executive & Medical Director – ICLDC, Abu Dhabi & Hon: Consultant Endocrinologist – Imperial healthcare UK), Dr. Mahir Khalil Jallo (Consultant Endocrinologist – Thumbay Hospital, Ajman), Dr. Hubert Penninckx (Specialist Endocrinologist – American Hospital Dubai, Dubai), Dr. Sadir J. Alrawi (Consultant Head & Neck, Minimal Invasive Oncology – Al Zahra Cancer Center, Dubai), Dr. Vipin Mishra (Consultant Endocrinologist – Zulekha Hospital, Dubai), Dr. Zain Gulzar (Consultant Endocrinologist and Medical Director – RAK Diabetes Center), Dr. Omar Dhaimat (Consultant Endocrinologist – Sulaiman Habib Hospital, Dubai), Dr. Koulshan M. Jameel (Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist – Canadian Specialist Hospital, Dubai), Dr. Hala Fakhry (Consultant Psychiatrist – Thumbay Hospital, Ajman), Dr. Shatha Al Sharbatti (Professor – HOD Community Medicine, Gulf Medical University, Ajman), Dr. Kiran Kumar (Specialist Internal Medicine – Thumbay Hospital, Ajman), Dr. Mazen Askheta (Consultant Internal Medicine & Diabetologist – Tawam Johns Hopkins Medicine Hospital, Al Ain), Dr. Fadhil Mustafa Al Shama (Consultant Physician & Endocrinologist – Dubai Hospital, DHA), Dr. Bashar Neamat Sahar (Specialist Endocrinologist – Zulekha Hospital, Dubai), Dr. Abdulqadir Al Zarooni (Consultant Urologist – President Of Emirates Urological Society, EMA), Dr. Ali El Houni (Consultant Endocrinologist – Tawam Johns Hopkins Medicine Hospital, Al Ain), Dr. Mustafa Al Qaysi (Consultant Pediatric Endocrinologist – Zulekha Hospital, Dubai), Dr. Mohsen El Mekresh (Consultant and Head of Urology Department – Mafraq Hospital, Abu Dhabi), Dr. Wael Tosson (Senior Consultant and Head of Urology Department – RAK), Dr. Lusine Kazaryan (Obstetrician/Gynecologist Specialist – Specialist Medical Centre, Dubai), Dr. Aziz Kittana (Ozone Specialist – German Specialist Ozone Centre/ Ozotrade Consultances) and Dr. Savina Castellas (Masters in Clinical Pathology – Gulf Medical University, Ajman).

The event is expected to be attended by audience from various professional interests such as reproduction, diabetes & endocrinology; including endocrinologists, physicians, gynecologists, researchers, postgraduate students, pharmacist and pharmaceuticals and sexual technology developers, in addition to students of various colleges.

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